Aeroplane Monthly 1986-05
Ju 52/3m G-AFAP in the newly refurbished "Transport” hangar at Cosford.
Hawker Sea Fury VH- HFX/WE729 at RAAF Base Fairbairn, Canberra, Australia on March 17, 1986. Owned by Bruce Andrews, this ex-Iraqi aircraft was recently restored by Guido Zuccoli. It wears the overall blue colour scheme of Fury WH589 “775”, which flew with the RANFAA aerobatic team in the Sixties.
The Shuttleworth LVG C VI is being given a major overhaul this year. It will be re-covered and fitted with a new radiator before taking to the air again in 1987.
Airspeed Oxford G-AITB is being restored at the RAF Museum’s outstation at Cardington after many years in storage. Work is currently concentrated on the centre-section ply skin.
Shuttleworth Collection Gloster Gladiator L8032 is seen here having its old Bristol Mercury VIII replaced by a zero-houred Mercury XXX. It will be flying again in time for the new airshow season.
At Tampere, Finland, the prototype VL Viima primary trainer has been restored for static display. The aircraft, VI-1 is the only Viima I built; it first flew in January 1936, and was removed from the Finnish Air Force inventory in 1953.
BAC TSR.2 XR220 on its way indoors.