Boulton Paul Bourges / P.7
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1918

The Boulton and Paul "Bourges" all-metal machine is a long-distance reconnaissance three-seater. The engines are Napier "Lions."
The first P.7 Bourges, F2903, with BR.2 engines.
Bourges F2904 with Dragonfly engines and modified wings and fuselage.
In the photograph of the Boulton & Paul "Bourges" (two A.B.C. Dragonflies) one may without stretching one's imagination too greatly see the forerunner of the modern "Sidestrand." Its first claim to publicity was the stunt flying at Hendon in the hands of Frank Courtney.
AT THE R.A.F. PAGEANT: The Boulton and Paul all-metal "Bourges," fitted with two Napier "Lions."
The Boulton & Paul Bourges Mk.II.
The Boulton and Paul "Bourges," with Napier "Lion" engines, is remarkable for its extreme manoeuvrability, and on Saturday, in a sham fight with two Nieuport "Nighthawks," with Bristol "Jupiter" engines, it was repeatedly looped, rolled and spun, manoeuvres not usually possible with large twin-engined machines.
Looping the loop, Norwich way, on the big Boulton and Paul machine
Frank Courtney loops the Bourges Mk IA over Hendon.
AN AERIAL COMBAT AT THE R.A.F. PAGEANT: A Nieuport "Nighthawk" and a Boulton and Paul "Bourges" manoeuvring for a position of advantage. Inset on left, the "Bourges" is seen looping out of the "Nighthawk's" line of fire.
The twin-engined Boulton and Paul bombers have been almost unrivalled in their class on the score of manoeuvrability. This photograph was secured from a spinning Bourges soon after the war.