Flight 1923-11
FORMATION FLYING AT CROYDON: On the left, two sections of No. 39 Squadron on D.H.9A's meet in formation flying, while, on the right, some of the same machines are seen coming in after their demonstration.
A STUDY IN "FRONTS" FROM THE ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIR MEETING: The Curtiss Navy Racer, with a Curtiss 500 h.p. D.12 engine, which won the Pulitzer Trophy.
WINNING LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: Capt. N. Macmillan on Parnall "Pixie II," winner of the Speed Contest.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: "Jimmy" James banking - and leading - in the third heat of the Handicap Race. Close behind are F.P.Raynham (left) on the Handasyde and (right) Capt. Macmillan on Parnall "Pixie II."
The Curtiss Night Mail 'Plane, 163 h.p. Curtiss C.-6 engine.
The Boulton and Paul "Bourges," with Napier "Lion" engines, is remarkable for its extreme manoeuvrability, and on Saturday, in a sham fight with two Nieuport "Nighthawks," with Bristol "Jupiter" engines, it was repeatedly looped, rolled and spun, manoeuvres not usually possible with large twin-engined machines.
The Avro "Aldershot" is a long-distance night bomber, with 700 h.p. Rolls-Royce "Condor" engine.
VISITORS INSPECTING THE MACHINES AT CROYDON ON SATURDAY: The machines in the foreground are a Supermarine "Seagull," a Parnall "Plover," and an Avro "Aldershot," with 1,000 h.p. Napier "Cub."
The Gloucestershire "Grebe," a single-seater fighter scout, fitted with a 350 h.p. Armstrong-Siddeley "Jaguar." This machine will be flying during the Exhibition.
ONE LINE OF MACHINES AT CROYDON "REVIEW": In the foreground the Fairey "Flycatcher."
At Croydon "review": The Fairey "Fawn," with Napier "Lion" engine, is a two-seater day-bomber. The petrol tanks are mounted above the top plane.
THE D.H.53 LIGHT MONOPLANE AT HENDON: A "close-up" of the inverted Blackburne engine.
WINNING LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: Capt.H. S. Broad on the D.H.53 monoplane (Blackburne engine), winner of the Handicap Race
The D.H.53 light monoplane "stunting" at Hendon meeting.
AN AMERICAN BOMBER: The Douglas D.T.4 biplane, a bombing machine, fitted with a 600 h.p. Wright T.2 engine, built for the U.S. Naval Air Service.
The Glenn L. Martin Night Mail 'Plane, 200 h.p. Wright E4 engine.
ONE OF TWO "REVIEW" VICKERS MACHINES: The Vickers "Vulcan" commercial aeroplane, with one Napier "Lion" engine.
At Croydon "review": The Vickers "Vixen" day bomber. This machine is fitted with a Napier "Lion" engine. Note the gravity petrol tanks in the top plane.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: 1. James on the Addlestone A.N.E.C. monoplane (Blackburne engine).
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: 2. Piercey on Hubert Blundell's A.N.E.C. monoplane (Blackburne engine).
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: 5. Raynham on the Handasyde monoplane (Douglas engine).
The St. Louis International Air Meeting: Another view of one of the Navy Wrights, two of which finished third and fourth respectively in the Pulitzer Race.
A STUDY IN "FRONTS" FROM THE ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIR MEETING: The Navy Wright with a 700 h.p. Wright T.3 engine.
EVENING AT CROYDON DEMONSTRATION: On the left, in the air, is seen the Vickers "Viget" light aeroplane and on the right the Avro light monoplane.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT HENDON: 3. Cockerell "power-soaring" on the Vickers "Viget" biplane (Douglas engine).
Side and front views of the Aeromarine Night Mail 'Plane, 400 h.p. Liberty engine.
A CHINESE-BUILT AEROPLANE: A three-quarter front view of the "Schoettler I" biplane, fitted with a 160 h.p. Mercedes engine. This machine was built and flown at the Lunghwa Aerodrome, China, during the summer of this year.
Side view of the "Schoettler I" Chinese-built biplane.
A three-quarter rear view of the "Schoettler I" biplane.
THE GOURDOU-LESEURRE MONOPLANE, BRISTOL "JUPITER" ENGINE: Note the streamline jackets around the cylinders. The undercarriage is of the retractable type.
THE GOURDOU-LESEURRE MONOPLANE: Three-quarter rear view. The recess in the sides of the fuselage into which the chassis fits when folded can be seen in this view.
A NEW FOKKER FLYING BOAT: This is the Fokker B.II, with 360 h. p. Rolls-Royce "Eagle" engine, the Duralumin hull of which was exhibited at Gothenburg. A series of these machines has been ordered by the Dutch Colonial Office for use in the Dutch East Indies. The machine has a length of 9-85 m. (32 ft. 4 ins.) and a span of 14-8 m. (48 ft. 6 ins.). The area is 40 sq. m. (430 sq. ft.), and the useful load is 800 kgs. (1,760 lbs.), including fuel for 4 hours.
The Udet Three-Seater Commercial Monoplane: Three-quarter front view. The engine is a 70 h.p. Siemens, and the machine carries two passengers in addition to the pilot.
Udet Commercial Monoplane 70 hp Siemens Engine
THE AEROMARINE METAL-HULL FLYING BOAT: Three views of the complete machine: Top, left, side view; right, three-quarter front view; and, below, front view of the machine in the water. It is fitted with a 400 h.p. Liberty engine.
Some Details of the Aeromarine Metal-Hull Flying Boat: 1. Front view of the complete machine. 2. Radiator installation, attachment of motor support, and centre section strut. 3. The complete duralumin hull. 4. One of the transverse frames in hull, ahead of step. 5. The bow of hull.
Constructional Details of the Aeromarine Metal-Hull Flying Boat: 1. Bulkhead No.17. 2. All-steel tubing engine mount with engine section panel, and two 50-gal. petrol tanks. Note absence of bracing wires. 3. Rudder bar and details. 4. Tail unit, uncovered. 5. Three - S. alloy welded petrol tank, 50 gals., 185 lbs.
The Carley light monoplane: Three-quarter front view.
The Carley light monoplane: Front view. Note triangular-section fuselage.
THE CARLEY LIGHT MONOPLANE: View of undercarriage, engine mounting, etc.
The Carley light monoplane: Rear view. Note cut-outs in trailing edge.
THE CARLEY LIGHT MONOPLANE: Top: On the left, a sketch of one side of the undercarriage. The wheel has been omitted for the sake of clearness. On the right, the mounting of the rudder bar, and the very simple hinge used for elevator and ailerons. Bottom: On the right, a sketch of the tail unit; and on the left details of the tail skid, which is mounted below, and turns with, the rudder.
Carley Light 'Plane 20 hp Anzani Engine