Mauboussin Corsaire / M-120
Страна: Франция
Год: 1932

Two-seat Light Touring and Training monoplane
Mauboussin. Серия M.120
Flight, November 1934

Mauboussin. Серия M.120

Компания "Avions Mauboussin" была известна в межвоенный период своими удачными легкими самолетами и планерами. В 1936 году "Societe des Etablissements Fouga" приобрела эксклюзивные права на производство всех аппаратов компании "Mauboussin". Новый владелец приступил в 1937 году к выпуску двухместного легкого самолета с открытой кабиной M.123, спроектированного на основе раннего Mauboussin Corsaire. На M.123 стоял мотор Salmson мощностью 60 л. с. (45 кВт). Затем был построен M.124 с закрытой кабиной, за ним последовали M.128 и M.129 с открытыми кабинами. Все три самолета по конструкции были похожи на M.123, но отличались моторами - Salmson 5Ap мощностью 85 л.с. (63 кВт), Mathis G.4R мощностью 100 л.с. (75 кВт) и Minie 4Do мощностью 70 л.с. (52 кВт), соответственно.

Flight, November 1934



Small Civil Types

   The little Mauboussins, the 112 and 120C, are creating quite a lot of interest because they are pretty little machines of the Klemm type, and, as usual, people were saying that that was "just the sort of machine they would like to fly." Both are two-seaters, the former of normal open-cockpit type and the latter with a large transparent cabin roof. The windscreen is the only one in the Salon which has like some of the modern American high-speed commercial aircraft a very pronounced forward slope and vee. It was, therefore, all the more interesting to learn that with this screen and the cabin top the machine is several miles an hour faster than the open-cockpit type. Those shown have Salmson engines, but a Pobjoy can be fitted if required. Being a comparatively inexpensive machine this, the "Corsaire," as it is called, is not very highly polished or well finished.
В серии самолетов M.120 основным вариантом являлся M.123. На фотографии хорошо виден очень большой для подобного аппарата размах крыла, который напоминает пропорции планеров Mauboussin.
The Mauboussin 123 Two-seat Light Monoplane (60 h.p. Salmson engine).
Another French example ot a cheap machine - the little Mauboussin "Corsaire," which is also supplied in a cabin version. The engine may be a Salmson or a Pobjoy.
A pre-war French tandem sports/trainer is the singular Mauboussin M.125 (F-BCEL, c n. 87). Painted all-red with white advertising inscription, the M.125 is the only example of the M.123-M.129 series to be powered by a 65-h.p. Regnier 4J-0 in-line.
THE ANGERS "12 HOURS CONTEST": Miss Helene Boucher's Mauboussin-Zodiac 17 (60-h.p. geared Salmson).
The Mauboussin M.123 Two-seat Light Monoplane (60 h.p. Salmson engine).
SOME OF THE FOREIGN COMPETITORS: In the foreground the French machines, Guerchais, Potez, Farman and Caudron.
K6 F-A??? - Mauboussin M.12, pilot Andre Nicolle
The Mauboussin M.129 Two-seat Light Monoplane (70 h.p. Mime 4DO engine).
The up-tilted tailplane of the Mauboussin Corsaire is intended to do away with the need for a rudder.