Jane's All the World Aircraft 1964
07 - Addenda
The production version of the PZL-104 Wilga II
Construction of the BAC 221 research aircraft was completed in October 1963
During the summer of 1959, the first of the two Fairey FD.2 high speed research deltas, WD 774, was singled out for major modification to help with the high speed phase of Concorde wing development. Transferred from the RAE, Bedford to BAC's Filton facility, WD 774 underwent major surgery, to emerge four and a half years later as the BAC 221, as seen here at its roll-out. First flown in this guise with its new ogival wing on 1 May 1964, this machine returned to RAE, Bedford in May 1966, from where it continued to fly for the next eight and a half years.
The first Short SC.5 10 Belfast C Mk.l was towed out of the assembly hall at Belfast on October 8th, 1963
The prototype Lear Jet executive transport flew on October 7, 1963
The first of the development series of BAC TSR.2 aircraft
Bell Sioux Scout (Lycoming TVO-435 engine)
The Delhamende Nipper D-153
XZ-37 Cmelak agricultural aircraft (310 hp AI-14VF engine)
PZL-102.B Kos (95 hp Continental C90-12F engine)