Jane's All the World Aircraft 1964
01 - Aircraft
Chinese-built Antonov An-2 utility biplane
Polish-built version of the Antonov An-2
The Beriev turboprop flying-boat code-named “Mail”
Ilyushin Il-18 turboprop airliner in the insignia of the Rumanian airline Tarom
Ilyushin Il-18 medium-range turboprop airliner
Mil Mi-6 heavy transport helicopter (two 4,635 shp Soloviev TB-2BM shaft-turbine engines)
Mil Mi-6 heavy-duty transport helicopter
Latest version of the Mil V-8, with twin turbine engines
Three-view drawing of the twin-engined version of the Mil V-8 helicopter
Modified version of MiG-21 seen at Tushino
MiG-21 delta-wing fighter of the Hungarian Air Force with parachute brake deployed after landing
The MiG-21 delta-wing fighter code-named “Fishbed”, armed with “Atoll” missiles
"Farmer-B", the radar-equipped all-weather fighter version of the MiG-19
The initial series production version of the Sukhoi ground attack fighter, the Su-7B “Fitter”.
Three-view drawing of “Fitter”
Tupolev Tu-104A airliner (two Mikulin AM-3M turbojet engines)
32 рассекающие воздух лопасти, приводимые в движение четырьмя самыми мощными в мире турбовинтовыми двигателями, создавали грохочущий, характерный звук летящего Ту-114. На фотографии изображен прототип самолета, прибывший в парижский аэропорт Ле Бурже на авиационный салон 1959 года.
Tupolev Tu-114 long-range airliner (four Kuznetsov NK-12M turboprop engines)
Douglas A-4E Skyhawk (Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6 turbojet engine)
On Mark Marketeer, an executive transport conversion of the Douglas B-26
Smith Tempo II, an executive transport conversion of the Douglas B-26 bomber
On Mark Counter-Invader (two 2,500 hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-103W engines)
The Yungari No. 1 Nokadaun five-seat transport
North American X-15A research aircraft under the starboard wing of its NB-52A Stratofortress “mother-plane”
Prototype Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.Mk.2 (two Rolls-Royce Spey turbojets)
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.Mk.1 armed with four Bullpup missiles
Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.Mk 1 twin-engined naval strike aircraft
These two views of the Boeing 707-320B show the wing trailing-edge flaps, including double-slotted inboard fillet-flap (top), and leading-edge flaps (bottom)
Boeing VC-137C of the Special Air Missions Squadron of the U.S.A.F. Military Air Transport Service
Boeing 720 four-engined jet transport
Fairchild C-119 flying solely on the power of a Bristol Siddeley Orpheus auxiliary power pack fitted by HAL
Potez-Heinkel CM 191 (two Turbomeca Marbore VI turbojet engines)
Potez CM 170 Magister trainer (two Turbomeca Marbore turbojet engines)
Valmet-built Potez C.M.170 Magister trainer of the Finnish Air Force
Sud-Aviation/BAC Concorde supersonic airliner
Douglas DC-8 Series 50 (four Pratt & Whitney JT3D turbofan engines) in the insignia of Iberia, Spanish Air Lines
Douglas DC-8F Jet Trader (four Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3 turbofan engines) in service with Trans Canada Air Lines
Douglas DC-8 Series 50 four-engined transport
Hawker Siddeley Comet 4C four-jet airliner
Hawker Siddeley Sea Vixen F (AW) Mk.1 carrying a flight refuelling "buddy pack" under its starboard wing
DHC-2 Beaver amphibian (450 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 engine)
DHC Turbo-Beaver (578 eshp United Aircraft of Canada PT6A-6 turboprop)
McDonnell F-4B Phantom II landing on the U.S.S. Enterprise
F-104G Starfighter built by SABCA in collaboration with Avions Fairey and Fiat
F-104J Starfighter, for which Mitsubishi is prime contractor
Canadair CF-104 single-seat strike-reconnaissance fighters of the R.C A.F.
NF-104A version of the Lockheed Starfighter, with Rocketdyne AR-2 rocket engine installation above the jet nozzle
Fiat G91T/3 two-seat trainer (foreground) in formation with a F-104G Starfighter of the Italian Air Force
Late production Chance Vought F-8E Crusader with bulged top fuselage
Chance Vought TF-8A Crusader two-seat trainer (Pratt & Whitney J57-P-20 turbojet engine)
Chance Vought RF-8A Crusader on U.S.S. Independence
Galeb tandem two-seat trainer (Bristol Siddeley Viper II turbojet)
Hawker Hunter F.R. Mk. 10 reconnaissance-fighter of No. 2 Squadron, R.A.F.
Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker (four Pratt & Whitney J57 turbojet engines)
Boeing C-135B Stratolifter military transport (four Pratt & Whitney TF33 turbofan engines)
Three-view drawing of the L-29 tandem two-seat jet trainer
Aermacchi M.B.326B single-seat ground attack aircraft with a range of alternative weapon loads
Aermacchi M.B.326D two-seat jet trainer in service with Alitalia
Aermacchi M.B.326C advanced systems trainer
Dassault Mirage III-E intruder fighter (SNECMA Atar 9 turbojet engine with afterburner and SEPR 844 rocket-engine)
First Mirage III-O, built by Dassault Series production of this fighter is being undertaken in the Australian Government Aircraft Factories
Dassault Mirage III-R reconnaissance-fighter with cameras in nose
Fleet Super-V, a twin-engined modification of the Beechcraft Bonanza
Beechcraft Model B33 Debonair (225 hp Continental IO-470-K engine)
Beechcraft Model P35 Bonanza (260 hp Continental IO-470-N engine)
Lockheed P-3A Orion anti-submarine aircraft demonstrating their twin-engine cruise capability
Target towing conversion of the Mustang operated by Illawarra Flying School
First prototype of the Sud-Aviation SA 3210 Super Frelon (three 1,320 shp Turbomeca Turmo IIIC shaft-turbine engines)
Second prototype of the Super Frelon, equipped for naval duties
Sud-Aviation SE 210 Caravelle Series Vl-R airliner (two Rolls-Royce Avon 532R turbojet engines)
Sud-Aviation Caravelle Super A airliner (two General Electric CJ805-23C turbofan engines)
Sud-Aviation SE 210 Caravelle medium-range jet airliner
Kaman UH-2A Seasprite demonstrating use of powered rescue boom and ladle net
Kaman UH-2A Seasprite (1,250 shp General Electric T58-GE-8B shaft-turbine)
Photograph of the North American YAT-28E, a turboprop the T-28 trainer
North American T-28D, a conversion of the T-28 basic trainer for counter-insurgency operations
PAC Nomad, a utility conversion of the North American T-28A
Hamilton T-28-R1 Nomair conversion of the T-28 with arrester hook
Three-view drawing of the North American YAT-28E, a turboprop the T-28 trainer
Three-view drawing of the all-weather fighter code-named “Flipper”
The Kamov Ka-20 helicopter armed with air-to-surface missiles
Kamov Ka-20 anti-submarine helicopter code-named “Harp” (drawn before above photograph became available)
Полет Ту-95К с ракетой Х-20
Tupolev Tu-20 four-engined bomber carrying a “Kangaroo” stand-off bomb which has the configuration of the fighter code-named “Fitter”
The prototype Il-62 four-jet airliner (four Kuznetsov NK-8 turbofan engines)
Ilyushin Il-62 long-range four-jet airliner
Three-view drawing of "Bounder"
Sud-Aviation SE 3160 Alouette III carrying two Nord SS.11 missiles on each side of its fuselage
North American A-5B extended-range version of the Vigilante
North American A-5A Vigilante (two General Electric J79 turbojet engines with afterburners)
Photograph of the North American A-5C Vigilante for supersonic reconnaissance duties
Three-view drawing of the North American A-5C Vigilante for supersonic reconnaissance duties
Grumman E-1B Tracer early-warning aircraft from Squadron VAW-12 based on the U.S.S Forrestal
Grumman E-2A Hawkeye early-warning aircraft (two Allison T56-A-8 turboprop engines)
Dassault Etendard IV-M fighter refuelling in flight from a prototype tanker version of the Etendard IV-P
Dassault Etendard IV-P reconnaissance-fighter with flight refuelling nose and under fuselage
Breguet Alize anti-submarine aircraft (1,975 shp Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop)
Three-view drawing of “Fiddler’’ I
The two prototypes of the Saab J 35F Draken, armed with licence-built Hughes Falcon air-to-air missiles
This photograph of a Saab J 35A Draken shows how the twin tailwheels permit the fullest use of aerodynamic braking during landing
Antonov An-24 local-service airliner (two 2,535 shp Ivchenko AI-24 turboprop engines)
Yakovlev Yak-24K (two 1,700 hp ASh-82V engines)
Boeing 727 (three Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1 turbofan engines)
Saab-105 multi-purpose monoplane armed with 12 air-to-surface rockets
Saab-105 (two Turbomeca Aubisque ducted-fan engines)
Antonov An-12 demilitarised freighter in the insignia of Ghana Airways
McDonnell F-101B Voodoo two-seat interceptor in R.C.A.F. insignia
Cessna O-1E Bird Dog with chemical smoke tanks under wings
S-58 helicopter re-engined with a Turbomeca Bi-Bastan coupled shaft-turbine by Sud-Aviation
Bell YUH-1D Iroquois with two flexibly-mounted machine-guns on each side of the cabin
de Havilland DHC-4A Caribou I utility transport
Grumman OV-1B Mohawk with SLAR radar in container under fuselage
The extended-range C-130E Hercules, with 1,360 gallon underwing tanks
The ski-equipped LC-130F used by the U.S Navy in the Antarctic
Republic F-105D Thunderchief carrying sixteen 750 lb bombs
Republic F-105F Thunderchief (Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W turbojet)
Hiller OH-23G light observation helicopter, similar to the commercial Model 12E
Hiller Model L4, with new automatically-stabilized rotor system
Hiller Model E4 (305 hp Lycoming VO-540 engine)
Malmo MFI-9 Junior (100 hp Continental O-200 engine)
Bolkow 208 Junior two-seat lightplane (100 hp Continental O-200 engine)
Full-scale mock-up of the Sikorsky CH-53A heavy assault transport helicopter
Production model of the Northrop F-5A fighter-bomber with seven external stores
“Firebar B”, the developed version of the Yak-25 “Flashlight B“
Target-towing conversion of the Douglas Skyraider produced by Scottish Aviation
Lockheed EC-121K Super Constellation, modified by LAS for oceanographic research duties with the U.S Navy
Hawker Siddeley Trident I three-engined jet airliner
Westland Belvedere H.C.Mk.l of No 66 Squadron, RAF.
Sikorsky SH-3A naval anti-submarine helicopter (two 1,250 shp General Electric T58 shaft-turbine engines)
Sikorsky CH-3B, a U.S.A.F. transport helicopter developed from the U.S. Navy’s SH-3A Sea King
Helio U-10A Super Courier (295 hp Lycoming GO-480 engine)
PAC Tradewind, a remanufactured Beechcraft C-45/D18S airframe
Beechcraft Model H18 Super 18 (two 450 hp Pratt & Whitney R-985 engines)
Pilatus PC-6A Turbo-Porter in service with Wien Alaska Airlines
Pilatus PC-6 Porter in its newly-developed seaplane form
Dornier Do 28 (two 250 hp Lycoming O-540-A1D engines)
The Sukhoi all-weather fighter code-named “Fishpot”
Yak-32 jet trainer (one Tumanskii turbojet engine)
Demonstration of the ability of the Boeing-Vertol CH-47A Chinook to operate in a paratroop-dropping role
English Electric Canberra B.Mk.16 tactical bombers of No. 6 Squadron, R.A.F.
Tupolev Tu-124 medium-range transport aircraft (two Soloviev turbofan engines)
Tupolev Tu-124 medium-range jet airliner
Mock-up of the SA 330 medium-size transport helicopter
Breguet 1150 Atlantic with radome extended and weapon bay open
Breguet 1150 Atlantic maritime patrol aircraft (two Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines)
Breguet 1150 Atlantic (two Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines)
Photograph of the Mil V-2 twin-turbine helicopter
Three-view drawing of the Mil V-2 twin-turbine helicopter
Artist’s impression of the North American XB-70A Valkyrie Mach 3 prototype (six General Electric J93 turbojet engines)
Timmins Super Catalina
A Chinese-built jet trainer, similar to the MiG-15UTI
Antonov An-10A Ukraina medium-range airliner (four 4,015 hp Ivchenko AI-20 turboprop engines)
Sikorsky WFS-64A Skycrane (two 4 050 shp Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A-1 shaft-turbines)
Mock-up of Hughes OH-6A light observation helicopter
Cessna Model 180F (230 hp Continental O-470-R engine)
Cessna Model 185 Skywagon fitted with Edo 597 amphibious floats
The prototype PZL-104 Wilga utility aircraft (180 hp WN-6 engine)
Hawker Siddeley Argosy 650 four-engined transport
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Series 3 owned by the Austrian State Department of Survey
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Series 3 light transport
Navion Rangemaster (260 hp Continental IO-470-H engine)
Piper Colt seaplane (108 hp Lycoming O-235-C1B engine)
Zlin 326 Trener-Master (160 hp Walter Minor 6-III engine)
Zlin 226 AS Akrobat Special
Fairchild F-27F business aircraft (two 2.185 ehp Rolls-Royce Dart 529-7E turboprop engines)
Fokker F 27 Friendship Combiplane (two Rolls-Royce Dart turboprop engines) in service with Lufttransport Unternehmen of West Germany
Fokker F.27 Series 200 Friendship in the insignia of Nigeria Airways
Fokker F.27 Series 300 Combiplane
25 февраля 1963г.: в Миллим-Вильяроше (Франция) состоялся полет прототипа франко-немецкого транспортного самолета Transall С.160 (D-9507).
The prototype of the Transall C-160, assembled in France by Nord-Aviation
Transall C-160 (two 5,665 shp Rolls-Royce Tyne RTy.20 turboprop engines)
Transall C-160 twin-engined turboprop transport
Mil Mi-4P helicopter (1,700 hp ASh-82V engine)
Nord Noratlas transport (two 2,040 hp SNECMA Hercules engines) in Israeli service
Nord 2501 Noratlas transport built under licence by Nordflug
Hawker Siddeley 748 Series 2 in the insignia of the Brazilian Air Force
Hawker Siddeley 748 twin-engined turboprop transport
Hawker Siddeley 748MF twin-turboprop military transport
General Dynamics TB-58A dual-control trainer version of the B-58 Hustler bomber
Three-view drawings of the Tupolev supersonic bomber code-named "Blinder" with under-fuselage missile
Tupolev Tu-16 with a “Kipper” stand-off bomb under its fuselage
Westland Scout AH.Mk.1 (685 shp Bristol Siddeley Nimbus shaft-turbine)
Westland Wasp AS Mk.l, during deck trials on H M.S. Nubian
Hughes Model 269A light helicopter (180 hp Lycoming HO-360 engine)
Prototype Short Skyvan, as originally flown with two 390 hp Continental GTSIO-520 engines
Short Turbo-Skyvan twin-turboprop light transport
Grumman S-2D Tracker (two 1,525 hp Wright R-1820-82 engines)
Grumman C-1A Trader general-utility transport-trainer
Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 (four Rolls-Royce Conway RCo.11 by-pass turbojet engines)
Handley Page Victor B Mk. 2 medium bomber
Vickers VC10 long-range jet airliner (four Rolls-Royce Conway RCo.42 Mk. 540 by-pass turbojet engines)
Photograph of the Mil V-10 flying crane
Three-view drawing of the Mil V-10 flying crane
Hawker Siddeley Gnat T.Mk.l (Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 101 turbojet engine)
Hawker Siddeley Gnat Mk. I fighter (foreground) and Gnat reconnaissance-fighter of No 21 Squadron, Finnish Air Force
DHC-3 Otter (600 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine)
Canadair CL-84 tilt-wing tactical aircraft (provisional)
Fiat G91R 3 reconnaissance-fighter (Fiat-built Orpheus 803 turbojet)
Fiat G91R/3 lightweight photographic-reconnaissance fighter
Dornier Do 27 Q-5 equipped for flying doctor duties
Photograph of the prototype Dassault Mystere 20 executive transport (two Pratt & Whitney JT12A turbojet engines)
Three-view drawing of the prototype Dassault Mystere 20 executive transport (two Pratt & Whitney JT12A turbojet engines)
Paragon Jackaroo Mk. I (130 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major I engine)
de Havilland Canada Caribou II twin-turboprop transport (provisional)
SIAT 223 two-seat light aircraft
HAL HF-24 (two Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 703 turbojet engines)
HAL HF-24 twin-jet fighter
Hawker Siddeley Vulcan B.Mk 2, showing recess in under-fuselage for Blue Steel stand-off bomb
Hawker Siddeley Avro Vulcan B Mk.2 medium bomber
Aero-Difusion Jodel D.112 Popuplane (65 hp Continental A65 engine)
Jodel-Wassmer D.120 S Paris-Nice (95 hp Continental C90-12F engine)
Aero-Jodel D.11 Club (Continental engine)
S.A.N. Jodel D.140B Mousquetaire (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A2A engine)
S.A.N. Jodel D.150 (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
S.A.N. Jodel DR.1050 Ambassadeur (100 hp Continental O-200-A engine)
Centre Est Jodel Sicile (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
English Electric Lightning F. Mk. 3 carrying overwing jettisonable fuel tanks
English Electric Lightning F Mk.1A aircraft of the "Firebirds” aerobatic team of No 56 Squadron, R.A.F.
English Electric Lightning F Mk. 3 twin-engined interceptor
Cessna FP172.M four-seat light aircraft, assembled in France by Reims Aviation
Cessna Skylane (230 hp Continental O-470-R engine)
Wren 460 STOL lightplane (230 hp Continental O-470-R engine)
Close-up of ULS controls on nose of Wren 460
Cessna Model 172D (145 hp Continental O-300-C engine)
Lockheed C-140A JetStar in the insignia of the Air Force Communications Service
Lockheed JetStar four-engined light jet transport
Morane-Saulnier M.S.760B Paris II (two Turbomeca Marbore VI turbojets)
Mock-up of Morane-Saulnier M.S.760C Paris III
Fokker F.28 twin-jet short-range transport
The fourth production I.A.35 Huanquero in service as a crew trainer
I.A.50 Guarani II ten/fifteen-passenger light transport (two 930 shp Turbomeca Bastan VI turboprop engines)
Vickers Viscount 744 used by the Empire Test Pilots School, Farnborough, as a staff transport and to give students experience of performance measurement and handling assessment on a modern turboprop aircraft
The Wing Ding, an experimental version of the Bell Model 47 with wings
Agusta-Bell 47J-3B1 (270 hp Lycoming TVO-435-B1 engine)
Bell Model 47G-2A-1 Trooper (240 hp Lycoming VO-435 engine)
Bell Model 47J-2 Ranger (260 hp Lycoming VO-540 engine)
Голландская компания KLM первой получила грузовые DC-7. Самолет DC-7F PH-DSE "Irish Sea" (фото) - это DC-7C, сошедший с линии по переоборудованию компании "Douglas".
DC-7F Speedfreighter, modified from a DC-7C of K.L.M. by Douglas
BAC One-Eleven short/medium-range |ec transport (two Rolls-Royce Spey turbojets) in British United Airways insignia
BAC One-Eleven Series 200 twin-jet airliner
Loading a vehicle into an Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvair
Aviation Traders ATL.98 Carvair air ferry transport
Bristol Britannia 310 Series four-engined turboprop transport
Handley Page Herald Series 200 in service with Globe Air
Handley Page Herald Series 200 twin-engined turboprop transport
Hawker Siddeley 125 eight-seat executive transport (two Bristol Siddeley Viper 521 turbojet engines)
Hawker Siddeley 125 twin-jet executive transport
Sikorsky S-61R long-range transport helicopter (two General Electric T58 shaft-turbines)
Cessna Model 336 Skymaster (two 210 hp Continental IO-360-A engines)
Cessna Skymaster twin-engined light aircraft
Republic F-105F Thunderchief two-seat tactical fighter trainer
Sud-Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II, with external stretcher carriers, in British Army-service
Sud-Aviation SA 3180 Alouette Astazou (530 shp Turborneca Astazou II shaft-turbine)
Northrop T-38A Talon (two General Electric J8S turbojet engines)
Boeing-Vertol KV-107 Model II assembled by Kawasaki for Kanki Airlines
Boeing-Vertol CH-46A Sea Knight assault transport helicopter with blades folded
Boeing-Vertol CH-113 search and rescue helicopter of the RCAF
Artist’s impression of the Hawker Siddeley 681 tactical jet transport
Photograph of the prototype Aero Commander Jet Commander (two General Electric CJ610-1 turbojet engines)
Three-view drawing of the prototype Aero Commander Jet Commander (two General Electric CJ610-1 turbojet engines)
Photograph of the Lockheed XH-51A Aerogyro
Three-view drawing of the Lockheed XH-51A Aerogyro
North American T-39D maritime radar indoctrination trainer for the U S Navy
North American Sabreliner in commercial executive transport guise
Hawker Siddeley P.1127 V/STOL tactical strike reconnaissance aircraft. This example (XP980) introduced an anhedral tailplane and other changes
The developed version of the Hawker Siddeley P.1127 single-seat VTOL strike fighter for tripartite evaluation by Britain, the United States and West Germany
The Yakovlev all-weather fighter code-named “Firebar A”
L-200D Morava (two 210 hp M 337 engines) with one airscrew feathered
Beechcraft King Air (two United Aircraft of Canada PT6 turboprop engines)
The Yakovlev high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft code-named “Mandrake” (provisional)
Mil Moskvich, a development of the Mi-1 (575 hp AI-26V engine)
Westland Whirlwind Series 3, fitted with power hoist and cargo hook
Douglas DC-9 twin-jet airliner
Westland Wessex Mk.2 (Bristol Siddeley Coupled Gnome shaft-turbine engine)
Westland Wessex Mk 31 in Royal Australian Navy insignia
Installation of Nord SS.11 missiles on Westland Wessex helicopter
Beriev M-10 maritime patrol flying-boat
Handley Page HP 115 research aircraft (Bristol Siddeley Viper turbojet)
Bristol T.188 supersonic research aircraft
BAC 221 ogee-wing research aircraft
First flying prototype of the NASA M-2 lifting-body glider
Chance Vought-Hiller-Ryan XC-142A tilt-wing transport
EWR-Sud hovering rig (three Rolls-Royce RB.108 lift turbojet engines)
Photograph of the EWR-Sud VJ 101C XI VTOL research aircraft (six Rolls-Royce RB.145 turbojets)
Three-view drawing of the EWR-Sud VJ 101C XI VTOL research aircraft (six Rolls-Royce RB.145 turbojets)
Хотя сам Balzac V потерпел неудачу, на его примере была доказана работоспособность комбинированной силовой установки с маршевым и отдельными подъемными двигателями.
Dassault Balzac V-001 VTOL research aircraft in hovering flight
Bell X-22A tilting-duct research aircraft
Model of the prototype version of the Dornier Do 31
Production version of Dornier Do 31 V/STOL transport
The prototype HAL Krishak (190 hp Continental engine)
North American T-2B, a twin-engined modification of the T-2A Buckeye
Third Dassault Mirage IV-A supersonic strategic bomber, with external store recessed into fuselage undersurface
Fourth Dassault Mirage IV-A (two SNECMA Atar 9K turbojet engines with afterburners)
Dassault Mirage IV supersonic strategic bomber.
Prototype Shen Yang No. 1 (160 hp M-11FR engine)
Feiloon No 1 Shanghai Hiryu
Dassault Mirage III-V VTOL fighter
Lockheed Electra four-turboprop airliner in the insignia of K.L.M.
Howard 250 executive transport (two 1,350 hp Wright R-1820-56A engines)
Gomhouria Mk. 6 primary trainer (145 hp Continental O-300 engine)
The Dalaero conversion of the Lockheed Lodestar light transport
Luton L A 4a Minor (37 hp Aeronca-J.A.P engine) built in Australia by R A Pearman and H. Nash
CASA-1.131E, a licence-built version of the Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann trainer
Bucker Bu 131 re-engined with a 170 hp Lycoming engine by the FFA
Neiva Paulistinha 56-C (90 hp Continental C90-8F engine)
Neiva Campeiro (150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine)
IMCO Callair A-9 (235 hp Lycoming O-540-B2B5 engine)
Steward-Davis Jet-Packet 1600, modified from a Fairchild C-82 transport
Artist's impression of the Saab-37 Viggen multi-mission combat aircraft
Grumman CSR-110 Albatross air-sea rescue aircraft of the R.C.A.F., with triphibious landing gear
Photograph of the Shin Meiwa UF-XS, a scale model of a projected STOL flying-boat, converted from a Grumman UF-1 Albatross
Three-view drawing of the Shin Meiwa UF-XS, a scale model of a projected STOL flying-boat, converted from a Grumman UF-1 Albatross
Cessna T-37B with two General Electric general-purpose armament pods
Beechcraft Model 95-A55 Baron (two 260 hp Continental IO-470-L engines)
SFERMA-Beechcraft PD.146 Marquis (two Turbomeca Astazou III turboprops)
McDonnell RF-4C, the reconnaissance version of the Phantom II
HC-3 напоминал увеличенную копию HC-2, но его кабина была закрытой, а четырехколесное шасси не убиралось.
HC-3 five-seat helicopter, photographed during its initial flight testing
Bolkow Bo 105 four/five-seat helicopter
Short SC.5/10 Belfast military heavy transport
Piasecki 16H Pathfinder compound helicopter (500 shp United Aircraft of Canada PT6B shaft-turbine)
English Electric Lightning T.Mk.5 armed with Red Top missiles
Three-view drawing of the Kamov Vintokryl convertiplane
Lear Jet twin-jet executive aircraft, before revision of tail surfaces
Douglas C-133B Cargomaster heavy transport (four Pratt & Whitney T34 turboprop engines)
Vickers Vanguard airliner (four Rolls Royce Tyne turboprop engines) in BEA insignia
Vickers Vanguard four-engined turboprop transport
Canadair Forty Four (four 5,730 eshp Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines)
Canadair Forty Four in its side-loading and swing-tail versions
LAS cargo conversions of the Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation, showing the new rear loading door
Aero Commander 680F-P pressurised light transport, with nose radar installation
Aero Commander Grand Commander (two 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540 engines)
Canadian-built Baby Ace single-seat light aircraft
Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche (two 160 hp Lycoming IO-320 engines)
Agusta AZ 101 G three-engined heavy-duty helicopter
Agusta A 104-BT turbine-powered light helicopter
Agusta AB 102 (600 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine)
Bell UH-1B Iroquois of No. 9 (Search and rescue) Squadron, R.A.A.F.
Fuji-Bell 204B assembled by Fuji for Japan Ground Self-Defence Force
Agusta-Bell AB 204-B as supplied to the Royal Netherlands Navy
Bell Model 533 high-performance research helicopter
Hunting Jet Provost T Mk.52 in the insignia of the Venezuelan Air Force
Hunting Jet Provost T.Mk.4
Yak-18P single-seat advanced trainer (260 hp AI-14R engine)
Convair F-106A Delta Dart (Pratt & Whitney 175 turbojet engine)
AISA I-11B (90 hp Continental C90 engine)
Wittman Tailwind W-8 built by E Harwood of Rockford, Illinois
Ed Todd Special, a mid-wing development of the Wittman Tailwind
Wittman Tailwind Model W-9L (160 hp Lycoming O-320 engine)
General Dynamics Convair 990A (four General Electric CJ-805-23B turbofan engines) in the insignia of American Airlines
General Dynamics Convair 880 Model 22 (four General Electric CJ-805-3 turbojet engines)
Convair 990A four-engined jet airliner
Fiat G222 Cervino V/STOL transport aircraft
Pitts Special built by Don Ziegler of Detroit, Michigan
Beagle AOP Mk. II (260 hp Rolls-Royce Continental IO-470 engine)
Falco F8.L (150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine)
Roll-out of the first Lockheed C-141A StarLifter long-range military transport on August 22, 1963
Lockheed C-141A StarLifter four-jet military transport
Supermarine Scimitar F.Mk.1 with underwing Sidewinder missiles
Beagle B.206Y (two 310 hp Rolls-Royce Continental GIO-470A engines)
Beagle B.206Y five eight-seat executive transport aircraft
The prototype Cessna 411 (foreground) of which no details are yet available
Northrop X-21A laminar-flow control research aircraft, modified from a WB-66D
Snow 600 S-2C agricultural aircraft (600 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine)
Beagle A.109 Airedale (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine)
Beagle D.5 180 (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A2A engine)
Beechcraft Model 23 Musketeer (160 hp Lycoming O-320-D2B engine)
Beechcraft Model J50 Twin-Bonanza (two 340 hp Lycoming IGSO-480 engines)
Beechcraft Queen Air 65-80 six-to-nine-seat light transport (two 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540-A1A engines)
Beechcraft Model D95A Travel Air (two 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-B1B engines)
Hiller OH-5A light observation helicopter (250 hp Allison T63 shaft-turbine)
Front view of the prototype Matra M 360 Jupiter twin-engined executive transport
Rear view of the prototype Matra M 360 Jupiter twin-engined executive transport
Latest two-seat training version of the Bensen Model B-8 Gyro-Glider
Bensen B-8W Hydro-Glider with new flat-bottom floats
Bensen B-8B Gyro Boat under tow behind a speed-boat
Bolkow Bo 46 research helicopter with Derschmidt rotor
Breguet 941 STOL transport (four 1,250 shp Turbomeca Turmo IIID turboprop engines)
Breguet 941, with trailing-edge flaps fully extended
Prototype of the Canadair CL-41A, re-engined with a General Electric J85 turbojet and with modified rear fuselage
Canadair CL-41R advanced systems trainer, with newly-added ventral fin
Canadair CL-41A two-seat jet basic trainer
Cessna Model 150C (100 hp Continental O-200-A engine)
Cessna Model 210C (260 hp Continental IO-407-S engine)
Riley Rocket (two 290 hp Lycoming IO-540-A1A5 engines)
1964 model of the Cessna Skyknight, with baggage space in the rear of each engine nacelle
Cessna Model 310H (two 260 hp Continental IO-470-D engines)
Mooney M-20D Master (foreground) in formation with a Mooney Mark 21
Mooney Mark 21 four-seat lightplane (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1D engine)
Commonwealth CA-28 Ceres (600 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engine)
Allison Convair conversion (two 3,750 eshp Allison 501-D13 turboprops)
Curtiss-Wright X-19A VTOL research aircraft with radial lift-force propellers tilted to take-off position
Beagle-Wallis WA.116 autogyro with newly-added cockpit fairing
Grumman VC-4A Gulfstream VIP transport in the insignia of the U.S. Coast Guard Service
Druine D.31 Turbulent built in England by D. G. Jones
Druine Turbi two-seat light aircraft (45 hp Beaussier engine)
The Sablar Special, a slightly modified Knight Twister
Kumbang Model 260 four-seat light aircraft
CP.301B Emeraude built by Ateliers Aeronautiques de la Cote d'Emeraude
Fairtravel Linnet, a licence-built version of the Piel Emeraude
Scintex Super Emeraude (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
Denize RD-105 two-seat lightplane (100 hp Continental engine)
Druine Condor (75 hp Continental engine) built by Rollason
Merville D 63 two-seat light aircraft (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
Enstrom Model F-28 production prototype (180 hp Lycoming HO-360-A1A engine)
Fuji KM-2 primary trainer (340 hp Lycoming IGSO-480 engine)
Fuji KM liaison monoplane (340 hp Lycoming GSO-480 engine)
X1G3, a STOL research aircraft evolved from a Saab Safir
Pietenpol Air Camper built by Mr. Donald Nordsving of Canton, Minn
Pre-production batch of Hispano HA-200 Saeta twin-jet trainers
Miles M 100 Student prototype (Blackburn-Turbomeca Marbore IIA turbojet)
Stits Playboy built by E. Emanuel of West Bend, Wis.
Fletcher FU-24 agricultural aircraft in service in New Zealand
Piper Comanche 180 four-seat light aircraft (180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine)
Piper PA-23-250 Aztec B (two 250 hp Lycoming O-540 engines)
Jurca M.J.2A Tempete single-seat light aircraft (65 hp Continental A65 engine)
RG-6 two-seat light monoplane
Bushby/Long Midget Mustang (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
James T. Graham’s Super Midget, a version of the Midget Mustang with retractable landing gear
Legrand-Simon LS.60 (90 hp Continental C90 engine)
Found FBA-2C in the insignia of Georgian Bay Airways
Alpavia Avion-Planeur RF3 (39 hp Volkswagen engine)
Fuji T1A two-seat jet trainer (Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 805 turbojet)
Meyer Little Toot Tinkerbelle, built by Mr. Bob Grieger
Maule Bee Dee M-4 (145 hp Continental O-300 engine)
Two-seat version of the Salvay-Stark Skyhopper (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
Sport-Aire II, plans of which are available from Mr. A. Trefethen
Prototype of the Luton L,A.5a Major
Sikorsky HH-52A search and rescue helicopter of the U.S Coast Guard
Sikorsky S-62A assembled in Japan by Mitsubishi
Shinn 2150-A (150 hp Lycoming O-320 engine)
Piaggio P.166B Portofino (two 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540-A1A engines)
Stits SA-9A Sky Coupe (100 hp Continental O-200-A engine)
Modified Stits SA-7D Sky-Coupe built by Russ Basye
UTVA-60-AG agricultural aircraft fitted with rotary atomisers
Scintex ML 250 Rubis (250 hp Lycoming O-540 engine)
HFB 320 Hansa twin-jet executive aircraft
Nord 260 Super Broussard light transport (two 986 ehp Turbomeca Bastan IV turboprop engines)
Grumman C-2A Hawkeye transport
NAMC YS-11 short-range turboprop transport (two 3.060 ehp Rolls-Royce Dart Mk P542 turboprop engines)
NAMC YS-11 short-range turboprop transport
Bede BD-1 two-seat lightplane (108 hp Lycoming O-235-C1 engine)
Gyrodyne YRON-1 Rotorcycles with 55 hp Solar YT62-S-2 Titan shaft-turbine
Sud-Aviation Gardan GY-80 Horizon (150 hp Lycoming O-320-A engine)
The new Morane-Saulnier Rallye Commodore (foreground) with a Super Rallye and two Rallye-Clubs
Dabos JD-24P d’Artagnan (two 105 hp Potez 4 E engines)
Photograph of the TS-11 Iskra tandem two-seat jet basic trainer
Three-view drawing of the TS-11 Iskra tandem two-seat jet basic trainer
Sikorsky S-61L assembled in Japan by Mitsubishi
Sikorsky S-61N amphibious commercial transport helicopter in the insignia of Pakistan International Airlines
Bell OH-4A light observation helicopter (250 shp Allison T63 shaft-turbine)
Lake LA-4 four-seat amphibian (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine)
Pazmany PL-1 Laminar (95 hp Continental C90 engine)
Taylor single-seat monoplane (38 hp J.A.P engine)
Mitsubishi MU-2 (two 562 ehp Turbomeca Astazou IIK turboprop engines)
Jamieson Take I four-seat light aircraft
Jovair 4A, a utility-trainer version of the Sedan 4E
Piper PA-25 Pawnee agricultural monoplane (150 or 235 hp Lycoming engine)
Latest version of the L 43 Meta-Sokol, with wingtip tanks
LIBIS KB-6T Matajur (160 hp Walter Minor 6-III-J engine)
LIBIS KB-11 Branko (185 hp Lycoming O-435 engine)
Aermacchi-Lockheed AL 60B2 (260 hp Continental TSIO-470-B engine)
Aermacchi-Lockheed AL 60C4 (340 hp Lycoming GSO-480 engine)
Lockheed XV-4A Hummingbird undergoing tethered hovering trials
Lockheed XV-4A Hummingbird in flight with ejector chamber doors closed
Lockheed XV-4A Hummingbird VTOL research aircraft
Siai-Marchetti/Nardi FN-333 Riviera (250 hp Continental IO-470-P engine)
Neiva Regente (145 hp Continental O-300 engine or 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine)
Prototype Nord 262 pressurised light transport (two 1.065 ehp Turbomeca Bastan VI turboprop engines)
Oberlerchner JOB 15 (135 hp Lycoming O-290 engine)
Piaggio-Douglas PD-808 Vespa-Jet executive aircraft
Ryan XV-5A lift-fan research aircraft
Second prototype of the Potez 840 light transport (four 530 shp Turbomeca Astazou II turboprop engines)
Procaer F 15B Picchio (180 hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine)
The second prototype of the MD-12 light transport (four 330 hp Narkiewicz WN-3 engines)
Ryan Fleep flexible-wing aerial utility vehicle
Kaman HH-43B Huskie (825 shp Lycoming T53-L-1B shaft-turbine)
Super Kunang Model 65 two-seat light aircraft
Dassault Mirage III B two-seat dual-purpose trainer tactical fighter
Aero Boero 95 (95 hp Continental C90 engine)
Yeoman Cropmaster 250 (250 hp Lycoming O-540-A1A5 engine).
Victa Airtourer 115 two-seat light plane (115 hp Lycoming O-235-C1B engine)
Heinonen HK-2 two-seat light aircraft (115 hp Lycoming O-235-C1 engine)
Croses Pouplume (10.5 hp Moto engine)
Jurca MJ.5 Sirocco (105 hp Potez 4 E-20 engine)
SIPA S-251 Antilope light aircraft (560 eshp Turbomeca Astazou IIC turboprop)
Bolkow 207 four-seat light aircraft (180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine)
Dornier Do 32 ultra-light helicopter (BMW 6012 L turbine engine)
Kindjeng Model 150 three-seat utility biplane
Aviamilano P 19 Scricciolo (100 hp Continental O-200-A engine)
Fiat G95 4 VTOL tactical strike-reconnaissance fighter
The ambulance version of the PZL-101 Gawron (260 hp AI-14R engine)
Beagle B.218 (two 145 hp Rolls-Royce/Continental O-300 engines)
Beagle B.218 four-seat light aircraft
Bert BF-3 (125 hp Lycoming O-290-G engine)
Bowers Fly Baby homebuilt lightplane equipped as a seaplane
Production prototype of the Del Mar DH-1A Whirlymite helicopter
Modified EAA Biplane built by Elton J James
Hiller Ten99 (500 shp United Aircraft of Canada PT6 shaft-turbine engine)
Fike Model “E” low aspect ratio lightplane, before covering
Gail Model 202A Gold’uster (190 hp Lycoming O-435-1 engine)
Helicom Commuter Jr. as originally flown
Helicom Commuter Jr. in its current form (right)
Lacey M-10 light aircraft (95 hp Continental C90 engine)
Loving-Wayne WR-1 Love (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
The long-nosed version of the Mong Sport built by Robert G Hiland
Nesmith Cougar built by Mr. Ray Beckendorf of Streator, Illinois
Baby Great Lakes biplane built by Andrew Oldfield
Parsons-Jocelyn PJ-260M (260 hp Lycoming GO-435-C2 engine)
Piasecki VZ-8P Seageep I with experimental pontoon landing gear
Piasecki Airgeep II (two 400 slip Turbomeca Artouste IlC shaft-turbines)
Skyway AC-35 two-seat Autogiro
Smith DSA-1 Miniplane built in Canada by Don Wooley
Stewart Headwind (modified 36 hp Volkswagen engine)
Stits SA-6B Flut-R-Bug (65 hp Continental A65 engine)
Stolp-Adams Starduster (125 hp Lycoming O-290G engine) built by John W Hagel of Herald, California
Leighnor Mirage 2, a development of the Stolp-Adams Starduster
Termite built by Joseph E. Tyndall
Turner Model T-40 “Ophelia Bumps” (85 hp Continental engine)
Volmer Sportsman (125 hp Lycoming O-290D engine) built by Mr. Wright Chappell of Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Wefel/Mignet HM-360 Pou-du-Ciel (40 hp Continental A40 engine)
Prototype Wing Derringer (two 115 hp Lycoming engines)
NI-17 light transport (two 640 hp Alvis Leonides 831 8B engines)
NI-18 Delfin 12/14-seat transport amphibian
Z-35 Heli-Trener light helicopter (140 hp Walter M 332 engine)
Current configuration of Marshall M A.4 after drag-reduction programme
Beagle A.61 Series 2 Terrier (145 hp de Havilland Gipsy Major 10 engine)
Colden MWP C1 Cyclops (65 hp Lycoming O-145-B2 engine)
Lockheed-California’s civil-registered TF-104G Starfighter demonstrator
Bolkow Bo 103 helicopter (82 h.p. Agusta G.A.70/V engine)
AVI 205 four-seat light aircraft (205 hp Continental E185-9 engine)
SGP-222 four-seat light aircraft (two 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 engines)
Avibras A-80 Falcao (65 hp Continental C65-8F engine)
Hussey Skyhawk 101 two-seat lightplane (115 hp Lycoming O-235-C1 engine)
Roger Adam Loisir, now marketed as the Maranda RA14BM1
Ultra-light twin-engined helicopter built by Mr. Joseph Pidek
The Heilunkiang No. 1 utility monoplane
Peking No. 1 (two 260 hp AI-14 engines)
Prototype Centre Aviation GA-620 Gaucho (140 hp Walter engine)
Lucas L4-01 Baby-Lucas two-seat light aircraft
Heinkel He 211 twin-jet short-range transport
Merckle SM 67 (406 shp Turbomeca Artouste IIC shaft-turbine engine)
Two views of the RFB RF 1 channel-wing STOL monoplane (two 250 hp Lycoming O-540 engines)
The HAL logistic air support transport, first flown in September 1960
Partenavia P 59 Jolly (100 hp Continental O-200 engine)
M-4 two-seat light aircraft (180 hp Narkiewicz WN-6 engine)
Hatfield Man Powered Aircraft Club’s Puffin Mk I in flight
LMPAG man-powered aircraft in flight
Rotorcraft Grasshopper (two Walter Minor engines)
Adams-Wilson Model 101 HobbyCopter (40 hp Triumph engine)
Prototype Aerocar Model 1C (160 hp Lycoming O-360-D2B engine)
Aerocar Model I with rear fuselage by the car unit
Aerocar Model II Aero-Plane (143 hp Lycoming O-320 engine)
Artist's impression of ATS 250 (two 250 hp Lycoming IO-540 engines)
Bede XBD-2 (two 145 hp Continental O-300-A engines)
Production version of Champion Lancer 402 with raised engine nacelles
Curtiss-Wright X-100 VTOL research aircraft
Halsmer Aero Car Model 3 (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
Helio H-500 Twin (two 250 hp Lycoming O-540-A2B engines)
Doodle Bug SL-1 built from Heuberger plans by Earl M. Love
Kaman Huskie III (two 770 shp United Aircraft of Canada PT6B-11 shaft-turbines)
Artist’s impression of the Paraplane Super Commuter
Lawhorn LA-3 home-built twin-engined amphibian
Two views of the Lesher light aircraft, with 100 hp Continental O-200 engine driving a pusher propeller
McGuiness biplane (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
NASA’s Paresev (Paraglider Research Vehicle) in flight
Omega BS-12D3S (two 260 hp Franklin 6AS-335 engines)
Parker Tin Wind (125 hp Lycoming O-290-G4 engine)
Peterson Hi Hopes (85 hp Continental C85 engine)
Price PL-2-DM (65 hp Lycoming O-145 engine)
Smith Sputnik (72 hp McCulloch O-100 engine)
Tefft Contester A-1 (75 hp Continental A75-8F)
Tyndall Mr. Splinters two-seat light aircraft
Vidervol-Szaraz VS-1 (85 hp Continental C85-8 engine)
Volaire Model 10 (135 hp Lycoming O-290-D2C engine)