Aeroplane Monthly 1991-06
J.Golley - The Whittle revolution
Gloster E.28/39
Sir Frank Whittle gives scale to his W.1 engine.
Ф.Уиттл благодарит пилота Г.Сэйера после первого полета "Пионера"
Gloster test pilot Gerry Sayer and Frank Whittle shake hands.
Gloster E.28/39 W4041 getting airborne with wheels already retracting. At this stage the aircraft was fitted with a 1,760lb-thrust W.2/500 turbojet.
This photograph of the modified E.28/39 prototype is dated November 1944 and was probably taken during RAE trials from Farnborough.
15 мая 1941г.: через семь лет после начала разработки взлетел экспериментальный самолет Gloster E.28/39, оснащенный ТРД Whittle. Несмотря на скептицизм ВВС, Фрэнку Уиттлу удалось довести конструкцию своего реактивного двигателя.
The prototype before the addition of vertical tailplane fins and jettisonable hood.
Gloster E.28/39 W4041, fitted with additional tailplane fins and a ventral camera, takes off from Farnborough. These modifications were completed in April 1944. Two years later W4041 was acquired by the Science Museum in London, where it may be seen today.
The Wren Oddentification on the facing page was published in The Aeroplane for December 22, 1944.