Aeroplane Monthly 1991-06
T.Gwynn-Jones - Flying for gold (1)
Airgold Ltd pilots correctly accused their Australian management of purchasing “rubbish ” when totally unsuitable aircraft such as this Westland Widgeon were delivered to New Guinea.
At Lae a baby Austin car is loaded aboard a Junkers-G 31 for delivery to Dr Ian Dickson - the goldfield’s resident doctor.
Parer’s Bulolo Goldfields Aeroplane Service headquarters at Wau. Parer’s Bristol Tourer may be seen in the “hangar”.
The Bulolo Goldfields Aeroplane Service fleet on the airstrip at Wau in 1928. The Bristol Tourer is in the foreground with the D.H.9 behind.
Pard Mustar waits in the cockpit of his D.H.37 Old Faithful at Lae in April 1927. At the wingtip his assistant collects the fare from a passenger.
Airgold's Ryan B.1. L’Oiseau de Tropicale, preparing to take off from the beach at Port Moresby in March 1928.
Former RAF pilot Les Ross, seen in the cockpit of D.H.9C The Lady Peggy, was one of a number of small operators working the goldfields in 1929.
Bulolo Goldfields Aeroplane Service’s D.H.9 at Wau. Ray Parer (bareheaded) stands third from left, and next to him is the other company pilot Charlie Pratt.
The first aeroplane to fly over New Guinea was this Curtiss Seagull, piloted by Capt Andrew Lang (left), here being towed to a mooring at Port Moresby. The Seagull was used by the New Guinea photographic expedition mounted by Frank Hurley (right) in 1922.