Aeroplane Monthly 1992-07
S.Harding - The Boomerang's return
MICHAEL O'LEARY'S photograph of the recently-completed replica of a Commonwealth Aircraft Boomerang over California earlier this year
The fully-painted Boomerang in its World War Two RAAF scheme.
The completed Boomerang replica in landing configuration. Although the replica contains a great deal of T-6 it flies like a P-40, according to Dennis Sanders.
In this flattering rear three-quarter view the Boomerang has lost its characteristic squatness.
The Sanders-Clark Boomerang, with Dennis Sanders at the controls, pictured on its maiden flight on July 20, 1991. By April this year the aircraft had amassed a total of 50hr in the air.
Co-builders Dennis Sanders (left) and Dale Clark pause in front of their handiwork.
The 1,200 h.p. 14-cylinder R-1830 roars to life for the first time, on November 3, 1990. Apart from engine primer failure and a fuel leak - both rectified - the engine runs were problem-free.
In addition to being used as a medium interceptor, the Commonwealth Boomerang flew on army co operation duties in the Pacific. Seen here is RAAF Boomerang A46-163.
An early production Boomerang. The fighter utilised many features of the Commonwealth Wirraway, was powered by a 1,200 h.p. Pratt & Whitney R-1830 and had a maximum speed of 296 m.p.h. at 7,000ft.