Aeroplane Monthly 1992-07
P.Jarrett - By day and by night /The classic inter-war RAF biplane bombers/ (2)
A D.H.9A about to be coaxed into life with the aid of a Hucks starter. Note the practice bombs, the cutout on the lower starboard wing root and the early single-axle undercarriage.
D.H.9A H3510 of 8 Squadron. Ninacks were employed by this unit from late 1920 until the beginning of 1928, policing Iraq and India.
A good view of a D.H.9A cockpit, show­ing a clutter of instruments and assorted plumbing.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S colour painting depicts a D.H.9A being salvaged after a mishap - a common occurrence at most training schools in Egypt and elsewhere.
Airco D.H.9A (400 h.p. Liberty)
de Havilland D.H.9A