Aeroplane Monthly 1992-07
D.Edwards - Memoirs of a Burma staff wallah (2)
A Hurricane drops 8 1/2 lb practice bombs during exercises a long, long way from Burma!
607 Sqn pilots, back from Sittang River, make their way across an airfield flooded by monsoon rains.
A Spitfire "bomber" raises a cloud of dust as it moves off in Burma for yet another sortie.
Re-arming a 607 Sqn Spitfire VIII in Burma in 1945. The conditions speak for themselves as groundcrew coax a 500 lb bomb to a waiting aircraft.
Rudimentary flying control somewhere in the Imphal Valley. The controller is flashing a green, perhaps a red, with his Aldis lamp. Cloud obscures the mountaintops in the distance and an AOP Auster lurks on the dusty airfield in the background.
A Stinson L-5 Sentinel takes off while one of its brethren, an L-5B, looks somewhat forlorn in the foreground. Note this aircraft’s upward-hinged hatch aft of the cabin - it enabled the aircraft to carry a stretcher, making it very useful in the ambulance role.