Aeroplane Monthly 1992-07
J.Stroud - Post-war propliners
The second Breguet 761S, during trials with Air Algerie.
The third Breguet 761S.
F-WFAM, the prototype Breguet 761, with undercarriage retracting. The aircraft made its first flight on February 15,1949.
F-BASP at Algiers, with forward airstairs lowered.
F-WASK, the first of three pre-series Breguet 761S aeroplanes.
The second Breguet 761S, while in service with Silver City Airways.
One of the 12 Air France Breguet 763s, at Marignane, Marseilles.
One of Air France’s Breguet 763s after conversion to cargo Universal.
F-BASP at Le Bourget, with rear passenger door open.
The flight deck of a Breguet 763.
The upper cabin of an Air France Breguet 763, looking aft.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows one of Air France’s fleet of 12 Breguet 763s.