Aeroplane Monthly 1992-07
B.Johnson - The first of the jets
This photograph, purporting to depict the first prototype Heinkel He 178, this appears more likely to be a picture of a mock-up of a possible third aircraft. Many features appear common to the second prototype, but this machine has a longer canopy and enlarged fin and rudder.
Another view of the Heinkel He 178 V2. It was powered by the He S6 engine, designed to produce 1,200lb-thrust at 13,000 r.p.m.
A front view of the Heinkel He 178 V2, the second prototype. It had a fully retractable undercarriage and wider-span wings than the first prototype, but was never flown.
(inset) Flugkapitan Erich Warsitz, who made the world's first jet flight in the He 178 V1.
Another view of the He 178 V2, showing the straight tapered wings - the first prototype had elliptical trailing edges.
Первый взлет He 280V2. 30 марта 1941г.
The Heinkel He 280 prototype takes off from the Heinkel factory airfield at Rostock-Marienehe on its first flight under power, on April 2, 1941 (some sources give the date as March 30). The first 40 or so flights were made as a glider, towed behind a Heinkel He 111H. The He 280’s engine cowlings were removed for the first flight as a precaution against fire, as unburnt fuel had collected in them during ground-running trials.