Aeroplane Monthly 1993-08
R.Collis, F.Bavin-Smith - Operation Wingate (1)
Vincents of 244 Sqn on patrol in May 1941. The squadron operated the type from November 1940 until January 1943, from Shaibah and Sharjah.
A couple of 8 Sqn Vickers Vincents with K4706 in the foreground. This aircraft was originally delivered to 47 Sqn.
The Salela area in Ethiopia’s Gojjam Province; November 20, 1940. This was the scene during the reception of Vincent K6324 after Fg Off Collis’s successful landing on rough ground at an altitude of 9,700ft. In front of the aircraft are navigator Sgt F. Bavin-Smith DFM, Maj Orde Wingate and the Ethiopian representative of the Emperor. They were photographed by Capt Ronnie Critchley, who wrote on the back of the print, “to remind you of a very gallant exploit”.
Vincent K4712 of 8 Sqn. At this time, circa 1941, the squadron was based at Khormaksar and its Vincents were used for attacks on bases in Italian East Africa.
A 244 Sqn Vincent taking off for a reconnaissance flight in May 1941, probably from Shaibah.