Aeroplane Monthly 1993-08
G.Bain - Gee whiz!
Benjamin’s replica was built using the same materials and techniques as the original. It is powered by a 550 h.p. Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior, has an empty weight of 2,150 lb and a gross weight of 3,100 lb with full fuel load of 104 US gal. The wing span is 25ft and the maximum fuselage diameter is 5ft 1in.
Owner/builder Delmar Benjamin displays the portly replica Gee Bee in the vicinity of Watsonville in May this year.
Taxying the Gee Bee must be a nightmare from the pilot’s viewpoint.
40-year-old Delmar R. Benjamin stands proudly in front of his creation. The replica Gee Bee made its first flight on December 23, 1991 with Benjamin at the controls.
Delmar Benjamin performs his party trick and flies knife-edge in formation with the camera aircraft.