Aeroplane Monthly 1993-08
J.Stroud - Short Sealand /Post-war propliners/
G-AIVX, in original configuration, on test near Belfast.
JAT's Sealands YU-CFK and YU-CFJ in formation with G-AKLV. These two Yugoslav Sealands were used for services along the Dalmatian coast and were delivered in 1951. One of them has spent many years stored outside for the Yugoslav Aeronautical Museum.
The prototype Sealand in original form with high-mounted engines and inset rudder.
G-AKLM, the first Sealand I, took part in the 1949 King’s Cup in July and in October left for a sales tour of Scandinavia where, on the 15th, it hit a mountain in Norway and was burned out with the loss of its crew.
G-AIVX, the prototype Sealand, being moved from the construction shop to the hangar in November 1947. The maiden flight was made on January 22, 1948.
INS-101, the first Sealand for the Indian Navy.
G-AKLO with a reluctant starboard undercarriage unit.
VLS Sealand LN-SUF at the moment of lift-off at Bergen.
VLS’s Mk III Sealand LN-SUH at Sandviken, Bergen. The wheel wells have been sealed.
This view of G-AKLO shows the modified engine position and heightened fin and rudder with horn balance.
A view forward through a Sealand. The undercarriage housing divides the accommodation into two cabins.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows one of VLS’s Short Sealand Mk IIIs.
The Honningstad 5 A Finnmark at Fornebu, Oslo, with combined wheel/ski undercarriage.
The Finnmark with stabilising floats in place of sponsons, and three-bladed propellers.