Aeroplane Monthly 1993-11
J.Stroud - S.E.2010 Armagnac /Post-war propliners/
The prototype Armagnac, F-WAVA. It made its first flight on April 2,1949, from Toulouse.
F-WAVD (F-BAVD) was one of the four Armagnacs operated by TAI.
Еhe clean lines, deep fuselage and scarcity of cabin windows are all apparent in this view of TAl’s Armagnac, F-BAVD.
The prototype S.E.2010 Armagnac in late 1948.
F-WAVC was one of seven Armagnacs used by SAGETA to operate a supply route between Toulouse and Saigon via Beirut, Karachi and Calcutta. All seven were in operation by the end of July 1954.
The prototype Armagnac in Air France livery and with the wide-span flaps lowered.
High-density seating in the main cabin of an Armagnac. The height of the cabin was dictated by the original requirement for three tiers of sleeping berths.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows one of the S.E.2010 Armagnacs operated by TAI.