Aeroplane Monthly 1976-05
News Spotlight
On March 5, 1976 four Boeing B-52Gs of the US Strategic Air Command flew into RAF Marham, their temporary base for the RAF Bombing and Navigation Competition. The aircraft shown is 80207.
The first of five Boeing 747SFs on order for Pan American, N3475P, has now been delivered. Services to Tokyo were to be inaugurated towards the end of April.
Three Anzani-engined Bleriot XI Monoplanes left RAF Colerne on Wednesday, March 17, 1976, due to the closure of the station museum. The centre aircraft, an original belonging to L. D. Goldsmith and registered G-AVXV, went to RAF St Athan, and the other two, built from spares and new parts, went to the RAF Museum and the RAF Benevolent Fund, the latter to be kept at Salisbury Hall.
The last surviving Dornier Do 335 push-pull fighter, previously stored by the Smithsonian Institution in America, has now been restored for display at Hanover.
On March 23, 1976 an Airbus A300 of Lufthansa landed at London Airport on its first visit to Britain. Services from Frankfurt to London will commence on April 1. The airline has purchased four A300s and has options on another eight.
Four Hawker Siddeley Hawks airborne together for the first time from Dunsfold on March 4, 1976. They are, front to rear, XX157 with a centreline gun pod for intensive firing trials, XX158, XX154 and the camouflaged XX156 which was flown on hot-climate trials in Malta. All are used for development flying.