Aeroplane Monthly 1976-05
H.Seabrook-Smith - Lufthansa 1926-76 (2)
The Boeing 707 was introduced on Lufthansa routes in January 1961, and enabled the Far East route to be extended to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Boeing 707-430 D-ABOB Hamburg is seen.
One of the most celebrated airliners of its day, the Junkers Ju 52/3m was affectionately known as "alt Tante Ju” by Lufthansa pilots. The aircraft shown, D-ANYF, was named Erich Pust.
Lufthansa Boeing 727-30 D-ABIG Kiel comes in to land at Heathrow in March 1969.
Хотя FW200 V1 никогда не эксплуатировался авиакомпанией "Lufthansa", он получил фирменную окраску авиакомпании - черные полосы на полированном неокрашенном металле фюзеляжа.
With revised colour scheme and registered D-ACON, this was the Fw 200 V1 as seen on its record flight from Berlin to New York and back in August 1938.
Lufthansa was the first non-American customer for the Boeing 737, their first order being for 12 aircraft. The aircraft shown is 737-130 D-ABES Friedrichshafen.
McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Series 30 D-ADAO. These DC-10s carry only 220 passengers, as they carry baggage on the main deck, thus leaving the lower hold free for revenue freight.
The third Airbus, A300B2 F-WUAD, in representative Lufthansa livery.
The first of Lufthansa’s nine Vickers Viscount 814s, D-ANUN. The airline was the first in Europe to operate the 810 series Viscount.
Lufthansa Convair 340 D-ACAD at Heathrow on April 15, 1955, after its proving flight from Hamburg.
The Junkers W.33 first appeared in 1926 and was developed directly from the F.13. The example shown is W.33f D-2009 Bosporus.
The Blohm und Voss Ha 139A D-AJEY Nordwind, photographed in December 1938.
Lockheed 1049G Super Constellation D-ALAK was delivered to Lufthansa on March 29, 1955, and crashed at Tubiacanga Beach, near Rio de Janeiro, on January 11, 1959.