Air Enthusiast 1972-09
H.Taylor - A Short Fairey Tale ... still-born airliners of the 'thirties
Model of the Fairey F.C.1, showing undercarriage.
The full-scale wood and paper mock-up of the F.C.1 in the company's experimental shop, probably late in 1938.
By the spring of 1939 the FC.1 mock-up was nearing completion in the company’s experimental workshop at Hayes and incorporated flight instrumentation in the cockpit, including the central control pedestal and a Sperry autopilot panel.
General arrangement drawing of the Fairey F.C.1.
The General Aircraft G.A.L.40 in its Hercules-engined version.
The Bristol submission to Specification 15/38.
A model of the Short S.32, three examples of which had been ordered in 1938.
Short S.32