Air Enthusiast 1996-09
J.Vidal - Texans in Biafra
The graveyard at Lagos-Ikeja in 1974. Left to right: former Schreiner Airways DC-7 PH-SAE, DC-3 and Whirlwind.
One of the four BAF T-6Gs, each differed slightly in camouflage scheme and detail.
T-6G - almost certainly Pignatelli’s - in the graveyard at Ikeja, 1974.
BAF T-6G - note more ‘splintered’ look to the camouflage.
Biafran Air Force T-6G at Bissau, September 1969.
Jose Pignatelli with his aircraft
Camouflaging Pignatelli’s (bullet notch in the prop can just be discerned) at Uga, 1969.
Texan teeth - MATRA rocket launcher and SNEB 68mm rockets.
Gil Pinto de Sousa with ‘minders’ in front of the wreckage of his T-6.
North American T-6G Texan.
Один из вертолетов "Хилер" UH-12E (???), захваченных биафрийцами в Харикорте.
Alouette II at Uga, 1969.
MFI-9B ‘Minicon’ at Uga, clearly showing the relative size of the rocket launcher pod.
Johnny Chuco seated in a 'Minicon'
MFI-9B ‘Minicon ’ at Uga.
Ian Tilley, as a child, poses with DH Dove at Lagos 1969.