Aeroplane Monthly 1979-04
H.Hagen - Ansaldo Restoration
The SVA 9 after restoration by Herbert Fyfield. The Warren-truss wing bracing obviated the need for landing and flying wires.
The trademark "Gio. Ansaldo & C. Genova-Torino" is proudly displayed on the radiator
Ansaldo displays its restored but uncovered wings on March 18, 1970.
Lt Arturo Ferrarin in India with his SVA 9, No 13148, en route to Tokyo in 1920.
Restoration commences at Erwinna, Pennsylvania.
The finished job.
The aircraft during collection from the barn in Peekshill, New York, in 1956.
The trademark is also boldly displayed on the forward fuselage, where it has the marking "SVA 9 89" around it.
The bungee-sprung undercarriage is clearly shown in the view.
The cockpit boasts a typical World War One-period display of instruments.