Aeroplane Monthly 1979-04
F.Adkin - Memoirs of Aircraftsman (4)
An aerial camera being taken aboard Wellesley K8530 of B Flight, 35 Squadron, at RAF Worthy Down. The port underwing bomb container is just visible.
Vickers Wellesley single-engined bombers (Pegasus XX). The Wellesley, although a "general purpose" type, equips the Long-Range Development Flight.
Wellesleys of 76 Squadron lined up in readiness for the 1938 RAF display at Hendon. Nearest are K7722 and K7725.
K7748 after a typical undercarriage failure with 35 Squadron. Note the manner in which the leg has pushed the tank up out of the wing. This aircraft was lost at sea en route to the Middle East on September 6, 1939.
Another 35 Squadron aircraft, K7751, which suffered leg failure during camp at West Freugh in January 1938.
The sad remains of K7738 after its fatal crash at New Leak, Lincs, on October 20, 1937. There were no survivors.