Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
F.Adkin - Memoirs of Aircraftsman (5)
Three Battles of 12 Squadron, K7674 and K7677 nearest, up from RAF Andover in May 1939.
The cumbersome Fairey Battle replaced 35 Squadron's Wellesleys in April 1938. K7558, seen here, never served with an operational squadron.
A Battle is seen coming in to Andover, where Nos. 12 and 142 Squadrons are armed with this formidable machine.
Battle K7662 of No 12 Squadron, based at Andover, displays its flaps on a landing approach.
Battles of 12 Squadron taking off from Andover in May 1938. This unit went to France in September 1939 as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force.
The author in a Battle cockpit at Cottesmore, 1938.
Battle K9471 after a mishap with “B” Flight, 35 Squadron, went to the South African Air Force in February 1941.
“Finger trouble" is given as the cause of the accident to this Wellesley of “B” Flight, 35 Squadron, which overshot and nosed into a ditch, sustaining superficial damage. It was back in the hangar 55min later.