Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
Hendon /Gone but not forgotten/ (2)
Bristol Fighters, Sopwith Snipes, a Camel, an S.E.5a, a Fokker D.VII and a Sopwith Scooter await the day's flying at the first Hendon Pageant, 1920.
A trio of Bristol Blenheims takes off over a barrage balloon at the Empire Air Day Display in May 1939.
This classic Flight photograph, taken from the top of No 1 Pylon, shows the Belgian Brindejonc des Moulinais about to set of on an attack on the British height record with a lady passenger in May 1913. Note the human anchors restraining the Gnome-engined Morane-Saulnier monoplane by its tail.
In 1919 Grahame-White purchased three surplus RAF Blackburn Kangaroo bombers and converted them into eight-seat joy-riders. One of these aircraft is depicted here, flying over the Welsh Harp reservoir in 1919. Note the lucky passenger perched in the nose.
An atmospheric aerial view of Hendon in May 1919, from an Avro 504K.
Grahame-White's London Flying Club Avro 504Ks in September 1919, photographed in front of the clubhouse on land adjacent to the aerodrome proper. The entire area is now covered by buildings.
Avro XIX TX214 takes a last look round on November 2, 1957, when Hendon was officially closed to flying.
Hendon aerodrome during the 50 Years of Flying exhibition in July 1951, seen from the North. More than 60 aircraft, spanning 40 years, were assembled in the static park.
A Grahame-White "bus" floats past the open window of the club house during the Sixth London Meeting in August 1913.
A Beatty-Wright passes over the public enclosure in 1913