Aeroplane Monthly 1979-04
Stag Lane /Gone but not forgotten/ (1)
The sealed Gipsy engine test Moth G-EBTD.
The opening of the Aero Garage on June 24, 1926. Lock-up compartments equipped with tools were available to aircraft owners.
20 Moths basking in the summer sun, lunchtime, June 3, 1927.
This Italian Breda 33, I-ABFX, visited in March 1933.
D.H.51 G-EBIR, Miss Kenya, built at Stag Lane in 1925 and photographed 53 years later by AIR PORTRAITS near its Old Warden home.
THE D.H.66: Three-quarter front view of the fuselage in skeleton. The main structure is of steel tube, and cabin, luggage compartment, etc., are in the form of "boxes" of three-ply, slipped into the main structure.
The prototype D.H.66 Hercules fuselage under construction, July 1926.
Stag Lane at Easter 1919 and a London & Provincial Co's L and P Biplane joyriding.
London Aeroplane Club Moths in front of the clubhouse, May 1920.
The Moth production line in May 1929.