Sopwith Scooter/Swallow
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1918

The single-seat Sopwith Scooter, K-135, bore a marked resemblance to the Sopwith Swallow, and consisted of a Camel fuselage married to a wire-braced parasol wing. Powered by a 130 h.p. Clerget engine giving a maximum speed at 115 m.p.h., it was later re-registered G-EACZ. K-135 first flew at Brooklands in June 1918, and was later sold to Harry Hawker, who used it for aerobatics. After further changes of ownership it passed, in August 1926, into the hands of Dudley Watt who raced it at the Bournemouth and Hendon meetings of that year. The following year the Scooter was sold for scrap.
Невооруженный Scooter стал первым монопланом компании "Sopwith". В конструкции самолета сочетались фюзеляж и мотор от Pup и крыло-парасоль. Scooter послужил прообразом вооруженного разведчика Swallow.
The King's Cup: The "Swallow" mono., 130 h.p. Clerget, was originally the late Harry Hawkers sporting and touring 'bus.
THE BOURNEMOUTH AVIATION MEETING: Two items from Sunday's big race - the Bournemouth Summer Handicap. D. A. N. Watt (who eventually won the race) winning the second heat on the "Swallow," and, inset, Flt.-Lieut. J. S. Chick winning the third heat.
A SPLENDID FINISH: The event of the day on Sunday at the Bournemouth Meeting was the final for the Bournemouth Summer Handicap. This was won - " at the last minute" - by D. A. N. Watt on the "Swallow" seen on the extreme left about to cross the line, from Flt.-Lieut. J. S. Chick on the R.A.E. "Hurricane," seen "jumping the hurdles" on the extreme right. Three remaining machines in the race are also to be seen (centre), the nearest being W. L. Hope on the "Moth" next A. S. Butler on the D.H.37, and, banking round into the straight, H. S. Broad on the red-and-white "Moth."
THE LYMPNE OPEN HANDICAP: 4, The Sopwith "Swallow" wanting to know "Watts what."
Cornering in the Lympne Open Handicap. Below the Sopwith "Swallow" piloted by Mr. Watts, and above Dr. Whitehead Reid in an S.E.5.