Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
P.Birtles - Troublesome Trimotors
A NEW NIGHT BOMBER: The Boulton &. Paul "P.32" is fitted with three Bristol Pegasus engines.
Unlike the P.32, which is seen here at Hendon, the D.H.72 never made a public appearance
Evident in this view of the P.32 are the slats on the upper wing leading edge.
The Boulton and Paul P.32 flies past the spectators during the 1932 RAF Display at Hendon.
The Boulton and Paul P.32 had more curvaceous lines than its D.H. counterpart. Engine changes and consequent technical problems caused much delay.
J9950, the sole P.32 showing its unusual engine layout.
Another shot of the D.H.72 with the Gannet alongside. The high central engine left the nose clear for a bomb aimer/gunner's position.
The D.H.72 at Brockworth shortly after completion, with the little Gloster Gannet G-EBHU for comparison.
Completed by Glosters, the D.H.72 was almost abandoned by their test pilot on its maiden flight.