Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
P.Middlehurst - Vincent valedictory
K4688 (nearest) and K4687 of 47 Squadron, which received Vincents from July 1936. K4687 flew into the ground on February 14, 1938.
Vincent K4688, photographed by Charles E. Brown, served in Nos 47 and 8 Squadrons before being struck off charge on March 15, 1940. Note the message hook and auxiliary fuel tank.
Camouflaged Vincents, probably of 47 Squadron, photographed over the Sudan in the war years, with K4706 nearest.
Vincents of 45 Squadron over typical Middle East terrain during 1935-37.
Part of the Vincent's 1,000lb bomb load beneath the port wing of K4679, 1937.
The spartan bomb aimer's position with instruments, switches and sliding hatch in the fuselage underside.
The wireless operator’s station of a 223 Sqn Vincent in 1937. The Vincent normally carried a crew of three and was similar to the Vildebeest, but carried a long-range fuel tank in the position occupied by the latter’s torpedo. More than 80 Vincents were still on RAF strength at the outbreak of war.