Aeroplane Monthly 1979-05
News Spotlight
First flight of the McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle took place at St Louis on February 26, 1979.
Work on the new hangar to house the Mosquito will be commencing, and the three new exhibits will be on show. Sea Venom FAW 22 XG730 was collected from HMS Dryad, near Fareham, on October 28, 1979, and is to be restored in the markings of 894 Squadron.
The last of the Hunting Sea Princes of 750 Squadron, Royal Navy, WP308, is seen in company with its replacement, Jetstream T2 XX481
Jetstream T2 XX481
The last flying Avro Vulcan Mk 1, XA903 made its final touchdown on February 28, 1979 after a flight from Filton to RAE Farnborough, where it will be used as a static airframe for rescue training.
D.H.125 G-ARYC, the first production aircraft, was used for Viper engine development by Bristol Siddeley.
On March 9, 1979 the Mirage 4000 prototype made a successful maiden flight from Istres, piloted by Dassault test pilot Jean-Marie Saget. During the flight the aircraft, powered by two SNECMA M.53 turbojets, went supersonic above 36.000ft.
The Ames AD-1 at roll-out and prior to first flight, with the wings at 60 deg.
Now complete and painted, the AD-1 piloted oblique-wing research aircraft built for Nasa by Ames Industrial is seen here. A two-year test programme is due to begin at Dryden this summer. Maximum wing slew angle is 60°.
De Havilland Dove 6 D-IFSB first flew at Chester on October 1, 1953, as G-AMXR. Flown to Hatfield on October 24, 1978, it was re-assembled at the museum on March 4.