Aviation Historian 29
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Hunting operated a total of nine DC-3s throughout the 1950s, including G-AMHJ, acquired by the company in April 1957. Presumably the organisation’s DC-3s were in use on other tasks in May 1959, hence the charter of G-AMSV, not a Hunting-owned machine, for the author’s Iranian survey trip.
Another of Hunting’s own DC-3s was G-AMSJ, which joined the company in late 1953, but spent regular periods in the Middle East operating with the Iraq Petroleum Company. It is seen here at Heathrow in 1959.
The Dakota used by the author in Iran in 1959, G-AMSV, was formerly operated by Air Service Training during 1952-54 at Hamble, where it is seen here, before moving on to Transair (briefly) and Lancashire Aircraft Corp Ltd during 1954-59. It was then apparently used for charter work until its acquisition by British United Airways in July 1960.
Morton Air Services was part of British United and G-AMSV joined the Morton fleet in 1962, operating in a variety of roles, from pure cargo to ferrying Ford Motor Company executives to and from the Continent until 1968, when Morton was absorbed into British United Island Airways; 'MSV was acquired by Air Atlantique in March 1982.
The author at the controls of Dragon Rapide G-AIYR, photographed while up from Elstree by RICHARD T. RIDING. Note the Hunting Surveys Ltd logo on the nose.
Another of the Elstree-based aircraft the author flew was Auster J/5P Autocar G-AOFM.