Air International 2000-03
R.Niccoli - French Lessons /Military aviation/
To extend its service life, the EMB-312F Tucano has a strengthened wing. Other features of the French Air Force variant are a ventral airbrake and 37 Sextant instruments.
Formation flying is an important element of student training.
Removal of the engine cowling provides excellent access to the Tucano’s Pratt & Whitney PT6A-25C turboprop engine.
Students usually find landing the most difficult phase of flying to grasp, but the Tucano’s wide-spaced undercarriage and docile handling characteristics ease the task.
This view of the Tucano’s tandem seat arrangement illustrates the instructor’s raised rear seat, which gives enhanced visibility.
To provide air experience for cadets, and officer continuation training, the Ecole de I'Air operates five TB.30 Epsilons.