Air International 2021-03
M.Fiszer, J.Gruszczynski - Anakonda snakes into service
This modernised Anakonda at its home base Gdynia Babie Doly belongs to 43rd Naval Air Base, which operates six out of the eight upgraded helicopters. It received a new grey camouflage colour scheme with DayGlo orange features to distinguish them as SAR helicopters
Anakonda 0815 was delivered to the Polish Navy on March 15, 1999 and served as its SAR helicopter until recent modernisation. This image shows the helicopter at Gdynia-Babie Doly circa 2011
Anakondas 0511 and 0506 are operated by the 44th Naval Air Base in Darlowo, where there are two Mi-14PLR (Mi-14PL modified to SAR duties) and seven MI-14PL ASW helicopters