Air International 2021-03
D.Weinrich - The Eagles have landed
Waiting in the Tel Nof ‘nest’ are four F-15A/B Eagles from 133 Squadron
With its huge air brake extended, this 106 Sqn F-15C, 552 (named ‘akev’ or buzzard) prepares to touch down with JDAMs, AMRAAM, AIM-7 Sparrows, Python and ECM pod after a training mission
A No 133 Sqn F-15A 661 (FMS 76-1507 named ‘Chamsin’ - Hot wind) prepares to land, fitted with short-range Python missiles and AIM-120 AMRAAMs. The Ophir photographic pod indicates this jet has been on a reconnaissance mission. Positioned underneath the CFT is a Elta ELL-8222 self-protection pod
AH-64A 938 of 190 Sqn undergoing Matrix IX conversion at Depot 22 in April 2015. The original IAF former US Army AH-64A model Apaches were not returned to Boeing Mesa for longbow conversion; instead they were brought up to an interim standard
A Yassur 2025 of 114 squadron on finals to runway 36. Despite their age and safety record the IAF has yet to formally decide on a successor to the venerable CH-53A
A Heron TP from 210 Squadron fitted with a Rafael Litening 5 multi-spectral airborne targeting pod
This unique looking F-15I Raam, 201, from Manat, with calibration test markings is seen fitted with a Spice 250 stand-off PGM and test cameras to record their aerodynamic performance
F-15D 701 from 106 Sqn seen on overhaul with Depot 22. This was the first of five F-15Ds delivered through RAF Lakenheath in the early 1990s, but are actually F-15E airframes as the D production line had already been closed. After a lengthy rebuild this aircraft finally returned to service in late 2020, featuring the SATNAV hump
Frankenstein’s Eagle: two F-15s, a dual-seat B, serial 110, and single-seat A, 314, were mated to form 122. Note the Hebrew on the tail - the acronym YAA. It was seen on show at Tel Nof AFB in June 2016 showing how the various sections were assembled before returning to service
F-15D 714 named ‘Nesher habarzel’ or 'Iron eagle', operated by Manat, taxies in after a short calibration flight with no centreline tank
F-15D, 450 ‘Cheruv Fiffiot' (two-edged sword) wears the mission symbol for the 1985 Wooden Leg strike on the PLO in Tunis. Note the SATNAV pod behind the cockpit, which among other things enables the WSO to see a full picture of the skies over Israel and of every Israeli military aircraft airborne. The aircraft is also wearing the incorrect FMS serial on the fin, it should be 80-0131 not 80-0132
Former Oregon ANG F-15Ds await their turn. Eight aircraft arrived by air via RAF Lakenheath in September 2016 with a ninth machine following later by sea
The new test F-35 for Manat, seen here visiting Tel Nof from Nevatim. The small dorsal fin may indicate this is the first F-35 built to interim F-35I standard