Aeroplane Monthly 1981-07
B.Gunston - Stratofortress (2)
A Boeing B-52D of the 96th BW receiving fuel from a KC-135 over the West Coast of Scotland in October 1980. The B-52 was en route to Dyess AFB after a five-week detachment to RAF Brize Norton.
The initial production model of the Stratofortress was the B-52A, the first of which, 52-001, flew on March 18, 1954.
B-52 tail gunners rode in the pressurised tail compartment facing aft.
A B-52C, the first of which made its maiden flight on March 9, 1956. The aircraft has ther-man-reflecting under surfaces and carries two 3,000gal drop tanks.
The B-52F was the last B-52 model to be built at the Seattle plant. From February 1959 design responsibility and production was transferred to Wichita.
The third and final B-52A, 52-003, later converted to NB-52A standard.
B-52G 0-80204 equipped with Sram missiles. Note the radar pod on the port tailplane.
Boeing B-52G armed with Hound Dog AGM-28 winged missiles. The first B-52G made its maiden flight on October 27, 1958.
First flight of new OAS in B-52G, Wichita, September 3, 1980.
B-52H 610031. The B-52H was the last of the B-52 line and 102 were built.
The B-52H had the same short vertical tail as the B-52G. The first aircraft was rolled out of Wichita on September 30, 1960.