Aeroplane Monthly 1981-07
R.Nesbit - Navigator's progress (5)
A Mosquito landing on a FIDO flarepath.
Второй прототип "Ланкастера" (per. № DG595) во время испытаний. Август 1941 г.
The second prototype Lancaster, DG595.
The prototype Lysander, L6127, with shortened fuselage, tandem wing and four-gun Boulton-Paul turret.
"Бофорт" Mk.I с однопулеметной турелью "Бристоль" В4 Mk.I в полете над Англией
Beaufort I L9878, a 217 Sqn aircraft in which the author flew on several occasions.
The trio of Coastal Command Beauforts are almost lost against the vastness of the waters they constantly patrolled.
An unusual photograph showing a Beaufort carrying a “cucumber” sea mine. These 2,000lb mines were dropped in sea lanes and were activated by a ship's hull passing above them.
This Beaufort was hit in the port wing by an explosive shell whilst mine-laying, fortunately without damage undercarriage.
Arch-enemy of British convoys in the Atlantic during 1940 was the Focke-Wulf Condor. Designed originally as a commercial airliner, the Condor was developed into a heavily armed bomber.