Air International 2007-02
A.Warnes - Libyan Extravaganza /Airshow report/
This Mi-17 is one of a number based at Metiga for general transport duties, though only a few carry this desert colour scheme.
This Mi-25 Hind is flown by 1335 Sqn based at Gurdabiya as a training helicopter, hence the absence of a cannon in the nose.
This MiG-21bis based at Tobruk-Jamal Abdel Nasser Air Base is pictured in the static display, just as the sun rises above the horizon on the show's second day. The LAAF still flies a lot of older generation Russian hardware, but now the United Nations has lifted its sanctions it hopes to modernise with a new generation fighter.
A Mi-14 anti-surface warfare helicopter taking to the air has become a rare sight. This example contributed a five-minute performance to the flying display on the last day.
Like many air forces operating Russian equipment, the L-39 is used by the LAAF as a lead-in fighter trainer. The LAAF Women's Air Wing also flies the type and a number of female pilots attended the show.
Three MiG-23s from 1023 Sqn performed a couple of flypasts before breaking off and landing back at their base. These days it is rare to see the Flogger flying, and this was a welcome respite from watching the Italian and French aircraft being marketed to the LAAF.
All the LAAF aircraft looked immaculate, including this based MiG-23UB Flogger, seen taxying back to its apron after flying in the air display.