Air Pictorial 1959-09
??? - Preview Farnborough '59
Новые лайнеры компании BEA. Апрель - декабрь 1960г. 1 апреля компания BEA ("British European Airways ) начала полеты турбореактивного лайнера Comet 4В (фото) по маршруту Лондон - Москва, заменив им прежний самолет Viscount. Появление новой крылатой машины должно было закрепить лидирующее положение BEA на европейском рынке авиаперевозок и противопоставить Comet 4В только что появившемуся реактивному лайнеру Caravelle.
The first of B.E.A.'s Comet 4Bs is expected to enter service next January. Olympic Airways have ordered two.
Latest of the versatile Hunter is the F.R.10. Powered by a Rolls-Royce Avon 203 it features a new nose containing a battery of cameras.
Fourth prototype Argosy - there are now six flying - seen in Riddle Airline colours.
Flown for the first time on 27 th August the Folland Gnat Trainer is seen here during its final constructional stage.
The second prototype Handley Page P.R.R.7 Herald is seen in B.E.A. livery. Three Heralds are to be used by B.E.A. on some Scottish routes. Note the underwing fuel tanks.
Another Westland helicopter to be seen at Farnborough is the Gnome-powered Whirlwind.
The third production Vickers Vanguard - G-APEB - photographed during its first flight on 2nd July. This Vanguard is the second of B.E.A.'s twenty on order and is finished in the airline's new colours - red wing, grey, black and white fuselage. Note also the extended dorsal fin.
Short-built Canberra P.R.9s feature redesigned nose which opens sideways to provide entry for the navigator. A frangible panel just ahead of the canopy enables the navigator to eject in an emergency.
The Westland Westminster "Flying Crane" now has its fuel tanks mounted externally, and the rotor pylon is completely cowled,