Air Pictorial 1969-06
J.Stevens - France's Aircraft Industry
The first pre-production Dassault Mirage F 1 (tailed version of the III), which has already exceeded Mach 2 on test
The Sud SA.340 which is being developed jointly with Westland for the French and British Services.
Three-view of the Sud Caravelle 12, a stretched version of the 10 with 10.4 ft. longer fuselage, capable of seating 128 passengers
Sud Alouette III for the French Police
An impression of the Dassault Mercure 116/155-passenger short-haul airliner which is scheduled to fly in 1971 and enter service in late 1972
An impression of the A-300B Airbus (still bearing the British flag!)
The DR 253 Regent was the first of the Jodel range to feature the tricycle undercarriage which set the seal on Pierre Robin's success with the type.
Dassault Mirage 5 carrying fourteen bombs. A simplified IIIE, it has greater range/payload and seems to be exporting well, notably to Belgium (106 ordered)
Dassault Mirage G - sole variable-geometry aircraft outside the U.S.A. and Russia - with wings at 20 deg.
G.A. of the SN-600 Diplomate, an eight-seat executive jet designed jointly by Sud and Nord - indicative of the final merger?
Sud's light aircraft subsidiary SOCATA continues to do well; for sales totals see "World Air News". Among the range is the new four-seat ST-10 Provence
The popular Rallye, showing off its Handley Page slots