Air Pictorial 1969-06
Merlin - Hanworth /Days to remember.../
The hybrid Hart, K4432, with Hind exhausts, tailwheel and ballast weights
Bristol Fighter Mk. IV G-ACFP, formerly F4434, one of several converted at Hanworth in 1933 for joyriding, in this case by Empire Air Services
Cierva C.30As G-ACWO, 'N and 'R
One of No. 5 E.&R.F.T.S.'s Blackburn B.2s
Photographed at Oxford by T. C. Fox, Chipmunk WP964 is finished in the standard Army colours of glossy dark green/dark earth with black undersurfaces, and with fuselage roundels as the only national marking
Hanworth House and grounds forming a background to Gipsy Moth G-ABAF in the orange, black and silver livery of National Flying Services Ltd., 1930