Aeroplane Monthly 1984-08
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Luft Hansa's G 24 D-879 Pluto was originally the G 23 S-AAAU and is seen here at Staaken, near Berlin.
One of Ad Astra Aero’s G 23s at Dessau.
The unidentified F 24kay D-1051, with Junkers-Jumo 4 engine and enclosed cockpit. It had been converted from a G 24e.
The G 24nao with Jupiter engines. It appears to be a military variant with further modified tail surfaces and servo rudder.
A-100, bearing the text G 24he/905 on the modified fin, was Olag's Faunus. It was built in 1925 as the G 23 S-AAAY, went to UAE as M-AJAJ, became Luft Hansa's G 24 D-1596 and, after having been registered OE-LAB, went back to DLH as D-ALAB.
Believed to be a photograph of the prototype G 23, with one of its Mercedes D.I engines being removed.
ABA’s G 24gu S-AABG Uppland at Lindarangen, Stockholm, after being fitted with crude metal propellers.
One of ABA's aircraft after being fitted with L 5 centre engine.
The G 24L S-AAAO which was supplied to Turkey in September 1926.
Aero O/Y’s G 24 Suomi at Helsinki, as OH-ALC, after being fitted with modified fin and rudder, L 5 engines and metal propellers. This aircraft was originally registered K-SALC and was delivered to Aero O/Y in June of 1926.
The G 24he SX-ACE Patrai of Societe Hellenique de Communications Aeriennes SA (SHCA) was probably the last G 24 built.
The G 23 S-AAAK, seen with original fin and rudder, was later flown by Luft Hansa and became an F 24.
The cabin of a Junkers-G 24, looking aft.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting has Olag’s G 24 A-28 as the subject.