Air International 2008-07
D.Willis - Military Display Teams /Military/ (2)
In tribute to the USAF's 60th anniversary, the US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, better known as the 'Thunderbirds', rounded off its eight-country European tour at RIAT by performing its usual highly-polished routine with six Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcons.
The Thunderbirds display team is currently in the process of upgrading its F-16 Block 32H/Js to Block 52 standard. Four (three F-16Cs and an F-16D) of its six aircraft are seen here at the 2007 Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford.
Whilst not the fastest aircraft on the display circuit, the Royal New Zealand Air Force Red Checkers' CT-4Es trade speed for manoeuvrability and a routine that stays well within airfield boundaries.
Four PC-7s Mk II Astras of the South African Air Force Silver Falcons in echelon port formation over Cape Town.
Sporting an appropriate colour scheme, this Dhruv is part of the three aircraft that form the Indian Air Force Sarang (Peacock) display team - one of the very few equipped with helicopters.
Since its formation in 1972 the Pakistan Air Force Sherdil's J-37s have worn several different colour schemes. They were initially red overall; then natural metal with a DayGlo orange nose, wingtips and tail; in 1980 they received a sunburst scheme; and now have a striking red, white and blue finish.
Although the Snowbirds has eleven Tutors, it flies a routine with nine, including two solos. Its aircraft are the last of the type in service and if the team is to survive, a new mount will have to be found soon.