Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
J.Sproule - The Hordern-Richmond Autoplane
Right, two views of the Autoplane flying at Heston in November 1936. For reasons of economy the undercarriage was fixed.
The newly-completed Autoplane flying in the vicinity of Heston in November 1936. The two 40 h.p. Continental A-40 engines gave a cruising speed of around 85 m.p.h., and height could be maintained on one engine.
The Autoplane at Heston in November 1936, with wings folded.
The Autoplane's creators. Edmund Hordern is on the extreme right.
The Autoplane making a low pass across the Duke of Richmond's estate at Goodwood.
The Autoplane flying from Heston in November 1936.
The Autoplane in its ultimate paint scheme. Sorry modellers, no colours have been recorded!
Showing easy access to the cockpit and ample luggage compartment.
The unorthodox pilot’s controls presented no problems. The control wheels operated the rudder - there were no pedals.