Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
P.Cooke - Mosquitoes in miniature
Apart from the obviously different windscreens, the canopies of the Mosquito bomber and fighter variants are completely different shapes.
A B.IV of 105 Sqn, DZ353, coded GB-E. This model was built for a regular American client, and has early wheels with brake drums on the starboard side only
Peter Cooke's sketch shows how the Mosquito's nose profile varies between marks.
Nacelle, propeller and cockpit details.
Cooke's model of the Mosquito FB.VI flown by Sqn Ldr Russ Bannock in 1944 - HR 147, coded TH-Z - was built for Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame. Note the later wheels with brake drums on both sides and increased finning.