Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
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The crew of Lancaster I NF973 "K” of 119 Sqn, photographed after December 15, 1914. Left to right: Sgt Eric Arnold (mid-upper gunner), Sgt Deryck Thurman (flight engineer), Fg Off Ivor Pritchard (bomb aimer), Flt Lt Victor Gregory (pilot), Plt Off Fred Shaw (navigator), Sgt Hub O'Hanlon (wireless operator), Sgt Harry Fellows (rear gunner). The Lancaster in the picture is not NF973.
Lancaster I NG128 "B " of 101 Sqn. flown by Fg Off R. B. Tibbs as part of a thousand-bomber raid on Duisburg on October 14, 1944, dropping its 4lb incendiaries. It carried 1,170 of these. They spread in all directions during descent and were thus difficult to aim accurately. Many Bomber Command aircraft were hit by 4lb incendiaries over the target and some were brought down.
Каждую ночь RAF разрушали военную промышленность Германии. Lancaster на снимке сбрасывает одну 1814-кг и зажигательные бомбы. Некоторые самолеты несли специальное оборудование: две антенны на этом самолете принадлежат системе РЭБ ABC (Airborne Cigar - передатчик помех в сигарообразном контейнере).
A Lancaster I of No 101 Squadron carrying "Airborne Cigar” apparatus, as shown by the two long dorsal aerials, to jam enemy R/T transmissions, dropping incendiaries and a single 4,000-lb (1816-kg) bomb over Duisburg in October 1944.
The same Lancaster dropping its 4,000lb cookie and its 30lb “J” incendiaries. The Lancaster carried 108 of the “J" incendiaries, which were considered less effective than the 4lb incendiaries.
Liberator KK320 of 37 Sqn, based at Tortella in Italy, and flown by Sqn Ldr L. C. Saxby, on the run-up to an attack on Monfalcone harbour installations. The falling bombs are 1,000lb general-purpose, dropped from an aircraft above. Two bombs hit the Liberator but had not fallen far enough to become fuzed. One bomb tore off the propeller of the port inner engine while another hit the port side of the fuselage near the flight deck. Two crew members were slightly injured but, miraculously, the aircraft was not brought down.
Lancaster I HK795 "B" of 149 Sqn. This is the aircraft in which Victor Gregory and his crew completed their operational tour after the aborted raid of December 15, 1944. Note the ventral gun position.
The captain of Liberator KK320, Sqn Ldr L. C. Saxby from Southern Rhodesia, stands inside the fuselage to look at the damage from the falling bombs. His bomb aimer, Plt Off G. T. Parker, looks from the top of the fuselage.