Aeroplane Monthly 1987-02
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The first Short Calcutta, G-EBVG, on a test flight in 1928.
G-EBVG moored on the Thames by Westminster Bridge in August 1928.
The civil Calcutta built for the French government, F-AJDB, is seen taxying on the Medway.
The first Calcutta, G-EBVG, at Rochester after being fitted with cowled Armstrong Siddeley Tiger engines.
The second Calcutta, G-EBVH, with Handley Page slots, being refuelled on the Nile at Kareima.
The first Short Calcutta, G-EBVG, is shown moored on the Medway at Rochester. Note the horn-balanced elevators, which were fitted only to the first two examples.
Imperial Airways' ill-fated Short Calcutta, G-AADN, at Rochester on April 6, 1929, awaiting its first flight.
French naval Calcutta built by Short Brothers.
View aft in the passenger cabin of Calcutta G-EBVG.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows Calcutta G-EBVH City of Stonehaven, the only one with Handley Page autoslots.
G-ABFB, the second Kent, taking off at Rochester.
G-ABFA, the first Short Kent, on the Medway at Rochester.
Satyrus flying near Alexandria.