Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Хотя FW200 V1 никогда не эксплуатировался авиакомпанией "Lufthansa", он получил фирменную окраску авиакомпании - черные полосы на полированном неокрашенном металле фюзеляжа.
The first Condor after being modified to S-1 D-ACON for its transatlantic flight.
With revised colour scheme and registered D-ACON, this was the Fw 200 V1 as seen on its record flight from Berlin to New York and back in August 1938.
Lufthansa’s Fw 200A-0 D-AMHC Nordmark, seen at Tempelhof, was the third pre-production aeroplane. It was finally written off in 1943.
This view of OY-DAM, DDL's first Condor, shows the wing planform of pre-production and production aircraft. Delivered to the airline in July 1938, the aircraft was flown to Shoreham on April 8, 1940, and became BOAC’s. G-AGAY Wolf. It subsequently went to the RAF as DX177, and was damaged beyond repair at White Waltham in July 1941.
Jutlandia in wartime overall orange livery.
The nose, engines and undercarriage of D-AMHC Nordmark.
FW 200A-0 "Абаитара" бразильской авиакомпании "Синдикато Кондор"
Syndicato Condor's Condor, PP-CBI Abaitara, at Santos Dumont Airport, Rio de Janeiro.
D-AETA Westfalen, the second prototype Condor, was used on Lufthansa proving flights but does not seem to have become part of the airline’s fleet.
D-AERE, the prototype Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor, photographed in 1937.
D-ADHR Saarland was the first pre-production Fw 200A-0. It is seen here with DDL’s OY-DEM Jutlandia, the fourth Fw 200A-0.
Jutlandia, DDL's second Condor, in original livery.
View aft from the smoking cabin of a DDL Condor.
The flight deck of a DDL Condor.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting shows DDL's second Focke-Wulf Condor, Jutlandia.