Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
J.Bruce - "The question of launching torpedoes" (2)
Short Folder seaplane No 120 at Westgate, not long after its flight at Calshot with an underweight dummy torpedo lashed to its undercarriage. That flight of July 21, 1911 seems to have been 120's sole contribution to the torpedo experiments.
The Short Folder that made the first successful torpedo drop on July 28, 1914 was No 121, seen here with torpedo in position. It seems possible that this photograph might have been taken on August 13, 1914, when Flt Lt R. P. Ross flew 121 with torpedo at Grain.
Short Folder No 121 at Grain in 1915, a photograph that illustrates the arched crossbars necessary for the carriage of a torpedo.
In this view of 170 the seaplane's number is positively confirmed. Unfortunately the group of men obscure part of the torpedo-carrying attachment. At left, in the white shirt, is Victor Mahl.