Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
D.Jones - Hollywood pilot
Mantz had two de Havilland Vampires - this is one of them. They were possibly ex-RCAF aircraft.
The Hisso-Jenny built up by Otto Timm for Mantz, during filming of Spirit of St Louis in 1955.
Paul Mantz in a Nieuport 28 during filming of Men with Wings, 1938.
Mantz after winning the 1947 Bendix Trophy Race.
This Spad VII, formerly of Paramount A.F., served Mantz for many years as NX18968 and later as N4727V.
Mantz created three Ryan NYPs for filming the Lindbergh story in 1955. This one, N7212, survives.
This S.E.5E was an old stager even before Mantz acquired it from Paramount in 1941; it began its career as AS 22-296 at Kelly field in 1922, and its number appears in the logbook of Cadet Charles Lindbergh in 1924!
Hollywood Trio, 1936 National Air Races, Los Angeles. Mantz is leading Eaton Noble and Frank Clarke in a Boeing 100.
Mantz taxying in at Glendale after a filming session during International squadron in 1941. The film starred Ronald Reagan and this Boeing 100 was supposed to represent a Gladiator!
Lockheed 9C Orion NC12222, formerly Doolittle's Shellightning, became the flagship of the Mantz fleet in 1937.
Piloted by Mantz, the Orion was placed third in both the 1938 and 1939 Bendix air races.
Mitsubishi "Nippon" (G3M2), an overnight guest in the Mantz hangar in 1939.
Lockheed Sirius 8A NC117W landing after a filming session in about 1940. The aircraft was fitted with a power-operated camera turret.
Mantz landing Buhl CA-6 NC8446 at Burbank in about 1932. This was the GMC Air Service's first cabin aircraft and was acquired in 1931 after formation of the Gorman-Mantz-Chase partnership, soon reorganised as United Air Services.
One of Mantz's first movie jobs involved taxying a "runaway” aircraft (the Eaglerock on the right) into a hotdog stand. The stunt backfired when Mantz jumped out of the Eaglerock and it ran over him, finally colliding with the American Eagle. The resulting broken shoulder troubled Mantz all his life.