Aeroplane Monthly 1987-03
M.Oakey - Grapevine
MBB’s recently-rebuilt Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6, D-FMBB, in flight at Neuberg, West Germany on September 27 last year. The aircraft had crashed on the same airfield on June 3, 1983. We plan to publish a report on the rebuild soon.
Photographed last November, this Westland Lysander under restoration at Brussels may be flying by this summer. The ex-Canadian airframe has been rebuilt over the last 4yr by retired Sabena employees.
Nick Grace in the cockpit of his two-seat Spitfire ML407, which is being sponsored by Leslie & Godwin Aviation.
The first flying shot we have seen of the late Patrick Lindsays Hawker Fury reproduction, K1930. The aircraft has been grounded for a year while its future is being decided.
Gladys-Aeronca C-3 G-ADYS, airborne over the Reading-Pangbourne area just before Christmas. Restored over the last two years by Berkshire-based Ben and Jan Cooper, the aircraft had not flown for 46yr. It received its Permit to Fly last November, and will be visiting Woburn, Old Warden and Cranfield this season.